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In honor of mental health week here at Moraine, we will be viewing Mac Miller as an artist and looking at his last creation, Circles, which was released on January 7, 2020. As many students can relate, COVID has brought with it many struggles, only one of which is mental health. It’s important that in times like these we come together and help one another. Although Miller was only 26 at the time of his passing, I’m sure he would be happy to see the awareness his album has brought to mental health.

Valerie Olivares

Music Reviewer, JRN101 Student

The album was created in a time where Miller was suffering from both substance abuse and mental health. It’s clear from listening to the first song, “Circles”,  that he drew inspiration from his internal struggles to compose the 14 track album.

At times, it carries a more melancholic tempo with matching lyrics hinting towards his struggle with anxiety, “I’m busy tripping ‘bout some s— that ain’t even happen yet/ I keep it honest as honesty gets” while other songs are more rooted in pain like “Hands”,”I spent my life living with a lot of regrets/ You throw me off my high horse, I’d probably fall to my death.”

The centerpiece of the album, “Circles” truly wraps up the entire album in one song. Miller sings about his inner reflections and displays vulnerability beautifully. Compared to his other albums like The Divine Feminine and GO:OD AM, Mac shows us a completely new side of him that listeners haven’t seen before. 

Circles is so much more heartfelt than anything he’s made before. It feels as if he’s allowed listeners a direct line into his personal life. It’s raw, unapologetically honest, and upsetting at times. Especially coming from a societal point of view where mental health and substance abuse is looked down upon. It’s never easy to place yourself in a vulnerable state. Even with these circumstances, Miller pushed societal norms and was courageous enough to tell his story the best way he could.

Although it may not be his most upbeat album, Circles brings listeners together by relating to the feeling we all know too well‒ struggle. It’s sad to think Mac won’t be producing any more music but no one can deny he left fans with a memorable sendoff.