Posted on: November 13, 2020 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

Have you ever woken up feeling blue? Unsure of the direction your life is going? Unmotivated to get up and go to work? If you need your spirits lifted, your demons quieted, and a shot of energy to start your day, take a listen to “The Man” by Aloe Blacc. “The Man” is the first song featured on Blacc’s 2013 album, “Lift Your Spirit.”

“What I want to do with music is make people happy,” Blacc told Billboard of his album. “So every song, save for maybe one, is about something that could potentially lift your spirit.”

Jack Zampillo

Music Reviewer, JRN 101 Student

Sometimes we may feel worthless, like we aren’t doing enough with our lives. This song takes you on a three-minute journey describing why YOU are the man. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of how truly great we are. This reminder was Blacc’s intention when writing the song. He wanted to be the voice for those who struggle to believe in themselves. “The Man” forces you to be uplifted, and it’s difficult not to sing along. The up-tempo beat combined with Blacc’s distinct voice combine to make a song that’ll get your feet tapping.

“I’m the Man” is repeated at least 100 times in the song with the intent of truly expressing its message that each of us is capable of doing anything we set our minds to. One of my favorite lines from this song is “Somewhere I heard that life is a test. I’ve been through my worst, but I still give my best.” This line is a strong reminder to people who are struggling that you too can indeed give your best to get through. 

There are hundreds of thousands of pump-up songs on the market, but none of them will get you up like “The Man” will.