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Photo by Marcus Collins, Photo Editor

By Zuzanna Fudala, Staff Writer


A job is a great way to get involved on campus! You’ll learn the inner workings of a department, which is not only beneficial for other students, but for you too!

How will it benefit me you ask? Well, aside from that sweet, sweet moolah, you’ll learn valuable skills that can benefit you in the long run, and give you experience for your next job or career. A campus job can teach you skills such as interacting with a diverse group of people, learning and applying computer software, working as a team, leadership, thinking critically, and more! Maybe you’ll find a service that you didn’t even know about, and pass the word on to other students. 

If you’re creative and filled with ideas, and love to meet new people, then why not apply for a job at Student Life? Their events are a great way for all members of the Moraine Valley campus to get together. Student Life has had some cool events already this fall such as the Pizza & Planner party where students could obtain a planner, decorate it with their schedules all while eating some tasty pizza. Most recently was Fall Fest which took place on September 6 at the Gateway Green (middle of campus next to the G building and the big arch sculpture). Fall Fest was a great way for students to learn about some of the clubs here on campus as well as services, too! Student Life values a person’s ideas for events, and is eager to hear what events the student body would be interested in.

Kandyce Swain shares how much fun she had while creating her jar. Photo by Marcus Collins.
Kandyce Swain shares how much fun she had while creating her jar. Photo by Marcus Collins.

According to Kayla Bucci, Student Life Manager, as a Student Life employee, your job consists of being in charge of the lounge and game room by making sure that everyone is following the rules and being respectful. You will also help plan and run events, as well as post events using social media. Student Life is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Bucci requests that students must commit to work at least three hours per day that they are scheduled, and at least 10 hours per week. Student Life employment is flexible with a student’s class schedule. If your financial aid package contains College Work Study (CWS), hours are distributed evenly through Fall and Spring semesters, and are based on an individual’s CWS award. Bucci also enthused that working in Student Life is fun!

You will need to have a resume and cover letter to upload on the application site (see link below).  If you don’t currently have those, the Speaking and Writing Center  located in A258 (building A, connected to the Library building) can help you write them. Help is also available in the S building through the Job Resource Center  (JRC) in S202.  They have templates for resumes and cover letters if you have no idea where to start. All services at both the Speaking and Writing Center and the JRC are free.

To apply, visit  this link  to create an account or sign in if you already have one. Complete the “Student Employment Application” located under the Career Document Library. This application must be submitted for all student employment positions. Once finished, save the application as   “[Insert Your Name] Student Employment application (or SE Application)” and submit the application under “My Resumes”. Click the “I DO NOT AUTHORIZE” option before saving the resume authorization. Make sure to have a cover letter and an actual resume submitted as well. Once you’ve submitted your application, go back to the Dashboard/Homepage and search for jobs by clicking: “search – My school’s Jobs”, and Voila! Applicants can see a list of open student employment positions.

If you’re not interested in working for Student Life, students may apply for jobs in other parts of the campus such as the Fine and Performing Arts Center (FPAC or F building), the Library, or FitRec (H building), and more as long as positions are available.