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By Gisselle Almazan, JRN 111 Student

If you’re a part of Moraine Valley’s athletics, you know Geoff Davis. And chances are he knows you, too.

Davis has spent 26 years working as Moraine Valley’s head athletic trainer, but behind his open doors he is more than a trainer. Whether he is dealing with the scoreboard, ordering uniforms for all the sports or treating athletes for injuries, Davis finds time to connect with students.

“He’s more than just a trainer,” said Maddie Davis (no relation), who plays both softball and soccer for Moraine. “He’s the nicest man I’ve met at Moraine Valley, and he’s willing to do anything for anybody who needs help or needs anything from him.”

Athletic trainer Geoff Davis treats sophomore softball player Mariah Martinez before her practice.

Maddie Davis, who is a sophomore athlete, has gone to Davis for help with how to pursue a career in athletic training after Moraine.

“I talk to Geoff about my family and school plans and I’ve actually recently asked him for advice for what school would be better for me to get a degree,” she said.

Athletes and other students know him for his joking, bubbly personality, his friendship, and his simple greeting of “Hey, knucklehead, what are you doing?”

“I know about his family,” says Maddie Davis. “He talks about his kids. I know where he went to school and how his life was at my age. I can say he’s definitely a friend. I feel like I could come back here at any time and pick up being friends or still contact him whenever I’m gone.”

Because they are always in the Health and Fitness building, many athletes find it easier and more convenient to connect and communicate with Davis rather than see a counselor in building S.

“Since we’re always playing sports, he’s right there and very easy to talk to and gives really great advice and always wants your best interest,” said Maddie Davis.

With his positive attitude, Davis provides a sense of warm welcoming by not only treating athletes for their injuries but being there for them throughout their time at Moraine.

Davis connects with students beyond athletic department

“I think they look to me as more than a trainer, and I can say that because they quite often during the season will come in and talk to me about more personal issues or anything,” says Davis.

Davis gets a chance to connect with students beyond the athletic department as he teaches a course called Human Movement.

“Being in class with Geoff is very exciting,” says sophomore Xochiquetzal Torres. “Anyone can notice that he loves what he is teaching and see how much interest he puts in it. He keeps every student engaged by asking them questions over the lecture, but most importantly he always has a smile on his face and so much energy.”

The class, which he has been teaching since 1998, runs twice a week during the fall semester and once a week in the spring. He has gotten a chance to meet many of the Moraine Valley students and be a person they look to speak to as well.

“Overall it’s fun,” said Davis. “I enjoy my job and I wouldn’t be here for as long as I have if I didn’t enjoy it.”

To be on his toes, Davis manages to stay positive and not let things affect him.

“I tend to handle stress fairly well in my opinion, How? It’s just my nature. I’m very patient and I don’t tend to stress over a lot of things that are out of my control,” said Davis.

With his hard work and dedication to the athletic department, Davis does not plan to leave Moraine Valley any time soon. He hopes students remember him for always being there.

“Although it’s not my job or something I was trained for,” he says, “as long as they have a place to go and feel comfortable and talk to someone, I know kids need to have real conversations, and it makes me feel good that they can come and talk to me about pretty much anything.”

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