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Reflection on the 30th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing

Photos of Kurt Cobain from Getty Images Friday, April 5, 2024, marked 30 years since the suicide of Kurt Cobain. The world of music and fans across the globe of Nirvana lost one of the most influential people of their generation. Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist died in his home in Seattle, Washington. The cause of death was revealed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Three days later his…

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Volunteer teams face off to raise funds for breast cancer research

Photo by Marcus Collins, Photo Editor By Marcus Collins, Photo Editor Nearly a quarter of a million Americans will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in 2023. As research increases the odds of survival, nearly 17 percent of women and a quarter of the men diagnosed will not survive. Moraine’s response for the last three years has been to sponsor a fun way to raise funds that goes beyond the typical…

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COLUMN: Corporate greed dominates the world of video games

             Photo by Marcus Collins Video games, movies, TV shows, and any other forms of media entertainment are works of art. Massive big-budget products like +AAA games from big name studios require time, patience, and love for the project. You cannot rush art because when you do that you end up with sloppiness that shows you didn’t show enough care for your work. Writing, whether it’s a script or code…

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Column: Microtransactions invading car, gaming industry like a cancer

Photo by Marcus Collins Gaming companies are as greedy as IRS phone scammers when it comes to charging customers for extra niceties, dubbed microtransactions. And it looks like car manufacturers—including Mercedes-Benz—are following suit by using microtransactions in their products to take advantage of consumers. Mercedes-Benz wants to charge $1,200 per year for faster acceleration, a feature that cars should already come equipped with.   This is simply immoral. Microtransactions are a cancer to any…

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Students find calm in a jar during Mental Health Awareness Week

Photo by Marcus Collins MV students Victoria Templin, Jayla Lamb and Stephanie Espino share laughs as they make calming jars. By Marcus Collins, Photo Editor Who knew stress relief could be found in a jar of glitter and confetti petals? Students in the U building on Wednesday discovered a galaxy of relaxation in the palm of their hands as they created their own artistic calming jars as part of Taking…

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Baby animals help students relieve end-of-semester stress

Photo by Marcus Collins By Marcus Collins, Photo Editor As a way to unwind before finals are upon Moraine students, Student Life hosted a petting zoo Wednesday on campus for students to relax and be one with the nature. Students were able to feed and hang out with various animals, such as chickens, donkeys and pigs from A Zoo to You.

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Foo Fighters’ Hawkins leaves inspiring legacy of sheer passion for music

When I was younger, people called me weird for listening to the Foo Fighters. They saw a black kid enjoying rock music instead of hip-hop, rap or R&B, and they thought it was strange. But I didn’t care. I just loved hearing Taylor Hawkins rock out with Dave Grohl. Ever since I heard the song, “Learn to Fly” back in 2005, I have been a fan of the Foo Fighters.…

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Column: Is racial profiling a war we cannot end?

Graphic by Sarah Schudt Recent news stories have shown that racism is still alive and well in our country. People like me are being profiled just based on how we dress, how we look, and what music we listen to. I would love to go on about my day and not be instantly profiled whenever I enter a public space and be stared at like some creature made for criticism.…