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20 years since 9/11: Reflecting on Islamophobia, generational differences, changing family ideals

Growing up as a Muslim in America post-9/11, my identity always felt like something I had to hide. Not out of being embarrassed, but to protect myself. To avoid being targeted. Not only am I Muslim, but I’m also Arab-Palestinian. Non-Arabs see this identity as political, but the name itself is engraved into my soul. Hiding my heritage and identity is something I’ve known my whole life. When I was…

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Optimism, open mind, celebration of representation: Students react to inauguration

Artwork by Sarah Kauffman, Glacier Graphic Designer By Mariam Itani, Ethan Holesha, and Joey Fernandez, COM 153 Students Wednesday inaugurated a new day for America, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn into office as president and vice president, and Harris made history as the first woman vice president. The Glacier set out to get students’ reactions. Many expressed optimism about the change. “It makes me feel like a…