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Rethink mental health in 2021 with ‘That’s the Spirit’

Photo by “That’s The Spirit” is the fifth studio album by the band Bring Me The Horizon. It was released on Sept. 11, 2015. Like many people in 2021, I am always trying to better my health in different ways—not only physically but mentally as well. Bring Me the Horizon’s 2015 album ”That’s The Spirit” offers a unique way to develop mental health awareness that is still relevant today. Bring Me the Horizon has been around the…

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JFK, Princess Di, QAnon, COVID: Prof explains psychology of conspiracy theories

Bettmann-Getty Images By Connor Dore, JRN 111 Student Have you ever wondered why these days it seems like everyone believes in at least one conspiracy? From theories about JFK’s assassination to the belief the world is flat, conspiracies seem to take on a life of their own. And anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic, political upheaval and the economy may be creating conditions ripe for conspiracies to flourish. According to an…

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Are you susceptible to conspiracy theories? Find out at Thursday talk

By Connor Dore, JRN 111 Student Have you ever wondered how so many people believe in conspiracy theories? How even the most intelligent people can be roped into groupthink on a topic with no tangible evidence?  In a virtual event Thursday entitled “Getting sucked down the rabbit hole: Tribes, filter bubbles, identity fusion, and conspiracy theories,” Dr. Laura Lauzen-Collins will give some answers to these questions.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, conspiracy theories…