Author: Amalia Thompson

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What Now? – The post-Trump political climate of the U.S

Graphic by Gabriella Pawlikowska By Amalia Thompson, Staff Writer As the primaries approach for the American people, and the campaign commercials start to air, we may be faced with the unnerving choice that none of us wants to make again: Trump or Biden. Either way voters are confronted with a devastating fate to democracy with either path, so therein lies the question of “Where do we go from here?” Professors…

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Ghoulish good times haunt campus today

Photo by Glacier Staff By Amalia Thompson, Staff Writer Monsters, and Goblins, and Ghosts, oh my! Scaredy cats and horror fans alike all can agree there’s something that brings us together: Haunted Houses. And the collective students on campus have been waiting for just that. Fortunately, the wait is finally over. Moraine Valley is equipped with its very own house of horrors, in honor of Halloween. TriTones is putting on…

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Monster vs. Human: Which is Which?

Graphic courtesy of Moraine Valley Library, One Book One College Initiative By Amalia Thompson, Staff Writer Everyone’s favorite high school book report Frankenstein by Mary Shelley has made a recent comeback in the nationwide One Book, One College Program. This program consists of different colleges across America that take part in reading through a single book and coming up with events surrounding said book. Here at Moraine Valley’s campus, the…