Posted on: August 31, 2020 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

The new normal is not…normal

By Carolyn Thill, Editor-in-Chief

Quick, call Batman! Where’s Wonder Woman? Has anyone seen Ironman? If your Spidey senses are tingling, that’s because it feels like we have been sucked into a comic book story, with major cities like Chicago as dark and troubled as Gotham.

We at Moraine are not alone in facing difficult times; 2020 ironically slipped away from the perfect vision of a happy year, and as we embark on a new decade, the whole world is off to a blurry start. 

Let’s recap.  Can you spare a square of toilet paper? Which ingredients mixed together make a decent hand sanitizer without getting us sicker than we may be already? When will Clorox wipes make a regular appearance on the store shelves again? What disappeared first, the chicken or the eggs? Will haunted attractions, sitting on Santa’s Lap, hunting for Easter eggs, sharing a first kiss, ever be allowed again?

No one expected that one day, life would turn into a sci-fi movie, with the governor and mayor constantly chasing us back into our homes.  The entire planet went out of whack over a nasty villain named COVID-19.  Then, as if this virus hadn’t done enough damage, we were faced with killer wasps, riots and looting, curfews, and breaking the piggy bank, all while endlessly searching for steady work. Moraine Valley students were tossed into the fire with a big dose of “Welcome to adulthood and all the problems that go with it.”

 For a while, people were embracing the extra time this virus brought upon us, sharing heartfelt experiences with family, taking a long overdue break from work, and catching up on all those “someday” projects.  However, after a couple months and endless restrictions, eventually the human race grew weary of being tolerant to what our political friends refer to as the New Normal.

We long for the day when we can get back to exchanging bright smiles not covered by masks, embracing warm hugs, sitting next to each other on a flight as we set off to enjoy our favorite tourist attractions, returning to classrooms, and gathering at coffee shops to chat. 

Moraine Valley students join the rest of the human population in longing to stop hearing the relentless phrase: “We’re living in unprecedented times.”  We hope that what we have always known to be normal does not become a figment of our imagination, but the reality is, we need to learn from the enemy, outsmart it, and then rise above. 

You can register to vote online until Sunday, October 18 in Illinois. (Click the above image.) You just need an Illinois driver’s license or ID and a Social Security number.

With 2020 being the year of the presidential election, it is crucial that students pay close attention to politics and officially register to vote.  Let’s face it, we need a miracle, so trying to make the correct political choice is essential. 

Chaos has stolen many precious moments from us this year. Students have begun to feel a sense of hopelessness.  How do we plan and set goals for anything? Will there be face-to-face classes next semester? Will there be a vaccine soon, and if so, are we all forced to take it?  Such uncertainty makes people feel like giving up. 

Perhaps it’s in the darkest moments when we need to become our own superheroes.  Courage and creativity often emerge when we are pushed to our limits.  Putting our heads and hearts together, we can pull out of this destruction by focusing more on what we can do instead of what we cannot. We can become more self-sufficient as we explore new modes of learning and teaching. We can broaden our awareness of responsibility. We can refine our social skills as we embrace creativity. We can use our voices to bring about change and positive solutions.  

It’s time to grab our capes and remember: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”