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Posted on: May 12, 2022 Posted by: Kirsten Duffy Comments: 0

Music production prof trains students to work with the stars

Photo by Kirsten Duffy By Kirsten Duffy, JRN 111 Student What do Snoop Dogg, Metallica, and Celine Dion have in common? Paul Murphy’s students. Murphy, who teaches music production and technology at Moraine Valley, has trained students to work with big-name artists as well as Disney, HBO, Showtime, Xbox 360, Marvel, Lego Cube and Call of Duty. Murphy’s job combines a lifelong passion for music with a passion for sharing…

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Walk a mile in the shoes of a transgender woman

By Mateusz Dobrzynski, COM 101 Student At one time, Kaylyn Schults would look in the mirror and not recognize the person looking back. She knew there was more to her than what the world saw, but it took a journey through heartache, uncertainty and bravery to find her true self and finally make her life her own. Kaylyn Schults was born Kevin Schults on the south side of Chicago. She…

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Life as adjunct adds up to ‘go, go, go’ for math prof

By Christina Weszelits, JRN 111 Student  From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed, professor Debra Brandt is constantly on the run. But she never shows her students she is in a rush, always taking the time to help math make sense for them. “It is always go, go, go,” Brandt says. “I do not even get a chance to just take a breath and…

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Baby animals help students relieve end-of-semester stress

Photo by Marcus Collins By Marcus Collins, Photo Editor As a way to unwind before finals are upon Moraine students, Student Life hosted a petting zoo Wednesday on campus for students to relax and be one with the nature. Students were able to feed and hang out with various animals, such as chickens, donkeys and pigs from A Zoo to You.

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Art and soul: MV actor Joe Gomez brimming with big ideas

Photo by Jason Suwaidan By Lily Legeska, JRN 111 Student Humans are not cars. That is the ground-breaking conclusion Moraine Valley actor Joe Gomez has come up with, at least.  “The car cannot do anything other than be subject to nature, without a person in it to turn the wheel,” Gomez says. “Inside of us humans, there is something powering us.”  That “something,” that soul, is what drives us to…

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Humanities prof Hruby finds love in Paris–love of art history, that is

By Jenna Abusalim, JRN 111 Student From a small hometown in Pennsylvania to the Louvre in Paris, Kelly Hruby’s travels took her places that opened her eyes to new cultures. Eventually, her travels brought her to Moraine Valley, where she teaches humanities to help broaden the world of her students. “I really never experienced or traveled much when I was younger,” Hruby said. “I was always really shy in school.…

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Down-to-earth DeVillez connects with students through humor, life experience 

Photo courtesy of Eric DeVillez Eric DeVillez loves spending time with his wife, Beth, and their sons Lawson, 10, and Cole, 6. By Omar Shalabi, JRN 111 Student Eric DeVillez is the type of person who, in the same sentence, will make a joke, make a self-deprecating comment, curse, digress, then digress, then digress…and then teach you something you will never forget. “I do this job because I want to…

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A lifetime at the heart of Moraine: Fronczek to retire after four decades

By Emma Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Editor Talking to Wally Fronczek feels like talking to a friend. Even on the phone, you can hear the smile in his voice, and he makes you feel comfortable talking to him about anything. You almost forget that he’s the dean of Liberal Arts–one of the largest academic divisions at Moraine Valley. Fronczek has spent almost four decades helping to build Moraine Valley–and learning…