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Photo by Ethan Holesha

Sophomore student Ethan Campagna shows his green screen on the updated Cleared4Class system. A green screen shows proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test for Moraine Valley students and staff.

By Ethan Holesha, Features Editor, and Mariah Trujillo, News Editor

Although the number of vaccinated students at Moraine has more than doubled since Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued a mandate in early September, only 57 percent of the student body has reported as vaccinated.

However, students appear to be complying with the mandate, which requires them to either be vaccinated or complete weekly COVID-19 testing. To streamline the process of screening students as they come to class, the Cleared4Class app has a simplified new look. The app used to show a green screen for people who had tested negative for COVID and a blue screen for those who were vaccinated. Now, green is the good-to-go color in both cases.

“I am happy to report everyone had a green access code on Thursday,” Krista Syrup, a physical science professor said. “I haven’t had any issues to report.”

Communications professor John Nash also had no complaints: “I feel the instructions and communication must have been very effective because every one of my students came to class prepared to show the app. The entire process has been much smoother than I expected. It is comforting to see that students and administration are taking health and safety seriously.”

Since Aug. 30, Moraine has received nearly 1,700 new reports of student vaccinations and the total number now sits at 3,096. Moraine staff has reported 84 new vaccinations, bringing the total to 736. 

The student vaccination rate increased from 26 percent prior to the governor’s mandate to 57 percent as of last week. The staff vaccination rate is at 66 percent.

Effective Oct. 6, all Cleared4Class access passes permitting students and employees to be on campus are green. A green access pass indicates an individual is either fully vaccinated or has submitted a current negative test result and is not experiencing any COVID-like symptoms. Students must present a green access pass to gain access to classrooms, offices, etc.

So far, no students have had issues with compliance, according to Lehner and Kent Marshall, dean of Students and Compliance Officer.

“No, we have not had any referrals for students not complying with the mandate as of yet,” Marshall said in an email. “But, it will be a continual process as the weekly testing could change on a weekly basis.”

The changes to Cleared4Class also appear to have gone smoothly. 

Sophomore student Ethan Campagna said, “There have not been any major issues in my class with the switching of a screen color. Just when it first started some of the students had a tough time adjusting and updating their app, but after learning how to use it; things are running smoothly as of lately.”

“It’s quick and easy and it takes me two seconds and then I’m set to come onto campus,” said Allie Macelli, another sophomore student at Moraine. “I haven’t had any issues but the navigation on the website can be a little confusing at first.”

The college continues to adapt as the pandemic continues to affect the country. Many wonder what may happen at Moraine if COVID-19 spikes again once the cold weather creeps in.

Lehner said, “Working as a team, the college will continue to assess our situation, look for guidance from the CDC and the Governor’s office, and make appropriate plans to keep our staff and students safe.”