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Anger, frustration, and tears filled the cries of loyal south suburb Chicagoans this week, as Jose Abreu finalized signing with the foulest team in the MLB, switching from the beloved White Sox to the cheating Astros. Since his inception on the Sox in 2013, he finally had a change of heart, being in the ballpark of a $60 million contract with the Astros.

Lily Ligeska

Features Editor

The Sox 100 percent screwed up on this. Abreu was an excellent first baseman and he really had a place in Chicagoans’ hearts. Realistically, the White Sox have virtually nowhere left to go following this fiasco. With stud and six-time MLB All-Star Paul Konerko’s retirement in 2014, no one could have been better than Abreu to fill his shoes.

Abreu was named the 2020 American League MVP, three-time All Star Game player, and three-time Silver Slugger for his ability to score, racking up a whopping 243 home runs. Now all that talent has been wiped away from the Sox, leaving them raw and vulnerable.

I think the owner of the Sox, chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, should have compensated and kept him. Who will the Sox “afford” to replace Abreu with, since according to Reinsdorf this is just a “business” decision?

Following the Sox’ subtle downfall from success, Reinsdorf seems to have checked out from caring for baseball, similarly to his enthusiasm for the NBA. Baseball fans are just not seeing that emotional attachment from him anymore.

An unamused Jerry Reinsdorf surveys his home turf. Image from Chicago Tribune.

Of all the teams Abreu could have been placed in, even the Cubs would have been less of a melodramatic hit in the heart. At least he would still be at his home turf. On the other hand, the transfer to the Astros is a blow in the jaw.

The Astros are known as cheaters. This came after a series of sign-stealing scandals surfaced, dating all the way back to their win in the 2017 World Series. Some of these sleazy tactics included setting up camera monitors at centerfield and having a decoding system by banging on trash cans, to signal which pitch was coming to the batter.  

All I can say is I hope Abreu feels at home in Houston. May it be plenty hot and humid with the anxiety, sweat and guilt dripping down his back.

Abreu, may your honor and skill be put to real use there, because without cheating Houston will need all the luck they can get.

Chicago welcomes you back hopefully, one day.