Posted on: November 21, 2019 Posted by: Jan Kopischke Comments: 0

Vanessa Sevilla

Staff Writer

Students! Don’t forget, the counseling center, located in S202, is at your disposal. Over the course of the semester, students are given 8-10 sessions. The center offers personal, academic, and career counseling. Counseling can be especially helpful during this time of year, where the semester is coming to a close and students may find themselves with a lot on their plate.

If you happen to be struggling with personal or academic issues, please reach out. You can call 708-974-5722 to make an appointment. 

If anyone you know is struggling with personal or academic issues, please feel free to reference them to a counselor. If you are unsure how to do this for a friend, visit Moraine counseling’s website. 

Your mental health is important to Moraine. Let’s finish the end of this semester, mentally strong!

Vanessa Sevilla can be contacted at