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Hello to my fellow students:

As the months move on, we are nearing closer and closer to the finish line: finals. Keep up the hard work and great effort that you all are putting into your classes right now.

Nematallah Hasan

Student Trustee 2022-23

This month, I want to inform you about ways you can keep your finances in check by exploring FAFSA-related grants, workshops, scholarships, and the Job Resource Center.

1) FAFSA grants. I put the spotlight on this resource so that you can utilize the grants, and not take any loans. If you are eligible for full FAFSA grants you can get an education at Moraine without paying out of pocket. Plus, you can pocket the extra! As for grants there are two types. The first is the MAP grant which is from Illinois. The full grant is $5,496. The Pell Grant is a federal grant, and the value increased this year! It jumped to $6,895 from the previous $6,495. Applications opened October 1st, and the earlier you apply, the higher the chance of you securing these grants.

2) A resource I would like to highlight is the FAFSA workshops. They are offered every Tuesday from 10 am to 3 pm. You can read here to learn more.

3) Moraine also offers numerous scholarships. Keep an eye out for the application that opens from February 1st to March 31. If you have extra time, you can work on the applications from now.

4) Another resource I would like to highlight is the Job Resource Center (JRC). Through the JRC you can find help with getting a job (on and off campus), writing resumes, and getting an internship. You can connect with alumni of MVCC, as well as receive emails for jobs from the College Central Network. This website connects you (students and alumni) with jobs.

I hope these resources help you secure an education where you don’t have to pay any money back. Student loans are not fun. Plus, interest can eat away at your wallet, and your life. It is best to avoid it as much as possible.

Thank you for your time,

Your Student Trustee,Nematallah Hasan