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Did you know that I am the first Student Trustee at Moraine Valley Community College to be sworn in virtually? Well if not, now you do. Being the Student Trustee over this past year has been a privilege but has also been a testament of my patience and my work ethic. I have never been challenged as much in my life as I have been within this past year. As many of us can agree, last year was filled with plenty of ups and downs, an ongoing rollercoaster. I have had a great experience learning to adjust working online to get projects, articles, and reports done for my position. My favorite experiences I received were doing student panels for my college, being on student advisory committees, and getting to communicate with fellow students about their wants and needs. I am extremely grateful to have been the Student Trustee over this past year and I think I have grown a lot. Not only as a student trustee or a student but as a person.

Lauren Hassen

Moraine Valley Student Trustee

Of course I miss the human interaction I used to get and it’s hard to think about all of the things I was not able to do because of having all of my events and responsibilities done online. The Illinois Community College Board Student Advisory Committee didn’t even get a proper lobby day this year and that is one of the most insightful events for students to attend on the student advisory committee. At the same time, being virtual has been extremely convenient, I could join a meeting or complete a task in the convenience of my own home, at work, or out and about. I’m sure that many of us enjoyed the fact that we could wear a dress shirt and pajama pants to meetings and classes and other online events.

Overall, this has been an interesting year for me being a Student Trustee and functioning fully online. I have had a wonderful time meeting new people, gaining new insights, experience, and learning to be flexible by doing everything online. I am grateful for all of the help I have received and all of the opportunities I have received over this past year. I want to thank whoever is reading this and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the school year.

As my term comes to an end, I also need to take this final article to remind you that the election for the next Student Trustee is next week. You are invited and encouraged to vote in the election for the Student Trustee. E-mails will be sent to all students on Monday, March 29 with the information to vote electronically. Voting will remain open through Thursday, April 1 until 3:00 PM. The Student Trustee represents you, the entire student body, and the Student Government Association on the Moraine Valley Board of Trustees. The Student Trustee attends board meetings to provide the student perspective and brings information from the administration to the students. The Student Trustee listens to student concerns and represents Moraine Valley at state-wide meetings.

Thank you for electing me as your 2020-21 Student Trustee.  It has been an honor to represent the MVCC Student Body in this most unusual year.