Posted on: February 27, 2020 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

 Valentine’s Day is the day everyone spreads love, usually towards their significant others. The JRN-111 class asked individuals around campus for their genuine feelings and thoughts towards Valentine’s Day. Those who have a significant other seem to enjoy it, while those who are single don’t enjoy it as much. Here are some of their thoughts. 

Hate It!

 “Since I am not in a relationship, I don’t care about it.” Lauren, Part-time student 

“I don’t feel like I need to buy a gift or flowers to validate my love for someone. it’s just a business.”  Kris Smith, Engineering 

“It’s a dark day for lonely people and a bright day for people in love.”  Diego Arguelles, Freshman 

“I think it has too much drama attached to it…it’s a Hallmark holiday.”  Kash Shah, Auxillary Services 

Love It!

 “Valentine’s Day is about having dinner with your romantic lover.”  Tim, cafe barista 

“I decorate the house with paper heart banners across the fireplace and put decorative designs on the front door.”  Joanne Composono, bookstore employee 

“I have very good feelings and memories from Valentine’s Day. I’ve been married happily for five years and every Valentine’s comes with flowers and cards.”  Effi, bookstore employee 

“I think we should love each other all year long.”  Sandy Leonard, administrative assistant to vice president