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The Isaac family shows off their respective medals at the finish line.

Photo by Amanda Barrios, staff reporter

By Amanda Barrios, staff reporter

he 10th annual Halloween 5k ran along smoothly as students, faculty, family and friends gathered at Moraine Valley the morning of October 27. The sun was shining brightly as everyone made their way to the starting line, prepared to give their all. Staff started the run following a beautiful rendition of The National Anthem before the countdown began. The crowd looked amazing in the diversity of costumes  – both individually and as groups. From cow onesies, to inflatable dinosaurs, there was nothing short of fun from runners and supporters. 

The buzzer went off and participants cheered, as well as the supporters from the sidelines, as the run started strong. A wide variety of runners came from the surrounding community, including a fellow resident of Evergreen Park. Gnita ran alongside her daughter (6) in hopes of finishing their first 5k ever. Enticed with the option to run in their costumes, the mother-daughter duo dressed as Snow White and Super Girl, crossing the finish line right at the one hour mark.  

While the race continued, staff accompanied children within the Kids Corner. They bounced in the Spooky Inflatable House while some children waited their turn. Staff volunteered at different tables engulfed to keep everyone occupied. One table shared different masks to decorate, along with a variety of games across the lawn. The favorite activity amongst the children was no doubt hitting a candy filled pumpkin pinata, as well as an additional pinata decorated as Frankenstein. 

Runners started making their way towards the finish line when students from our very own culinary program graciously provided fresh baked cookies and fruit. Runners also had an option to relieve their muscles thanks to students enrolled in the Massage Therapy program. And while it may have been a chilly morning, Andy’s Custard was on site, handing out vanilla custard to anyone brave enough to eat in the cold. I would say they were a hit as hardly anyone declined the offer. 

Vendors provide a variety of treats to runners.

As the event came to an end, awards were announced for top accomplishments among runners for both male and female per age category with the first runner crossing the finish line at 19 minutes! 15 year old Brendan Mcmonigal, a student at Marist High School, decides to run one 5k every year as a hobby. Even though Brendan prefers to pick a new 5k to run, we hope to see him return, maybe to even break his own time! Top Female finisher went to Julian Dallman. The 20 year old finished the race in an astounding 23 minutes. Among the winners were The Isaac Team, who went home with 5 members of their family winning top finisher within their respective categories. 

Costumes also received recognition with Best Team going to a family dressed as characters from Wizard of Oz and Most Creative going to a participant dressed as a “40 year old runner”, accessorized with a receding hairline cap and fanny pack. Best Duo went to Steven Jones and Annie Rangel dressed as Mario and Peach, who coincidentally won in the same category last year dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Can they win a third year in a row? Let’s hope they return next year to find out! 

President Haney attended the event cheering on runners and showing support, “I’ve attended over the years and this [has been] a great turn out. I’m really pleased with all the community members, faculty members and everyone who has turned up for this event.” The Halloween 5k helped to raise money for scholarships for current and future students at Moraine Valley, but it also became a fun-filled event for all ages – one we hope to continue for years to come!