Posted on: May 5, 2020 Posted by: Jan Kopischke Comments: 0

Jan Kopischke

Student Publications Advisor

Each year the job Resource Center (JRC) ask for nominees for the Student Employee of the Year, the Best Practice of the year, the Intern of the year and the Best Employer of the year. The nominees are vetted by a committee, and usually announced at a gala event on campus. With this year’s Stay at Home orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the announcements of the winners and their respective recognition, has been forced into virtual ceremonies.

The winners have been announced over the past few weeks through private Zoom calls with the winners and those who nominated them.

The Student Employee of the Year is Denzel Pennix. The Best Practices award went to the Speaking and Writing Center. On May 4, a second Zoom call recognized the Intern of the year, and the Employer of the year for Internships. The Intern of the Year is Genae Grabowski, and the Employer of the year was Tamimi Farooqui. Congratulations to all those named by the JRC and who were nominated.

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