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By Sina Valipourkarimi, News Editor

In a momentous transition at Moraine Valley Community College, two accomplished deans have assumed their roles as Vice Presidents, promising fresh perspectives and expertise to steer the college’s academic direction. Dr. Ryen Nagle officially took on his position as VP of Academic Affairs on October 1, bringing with him a wealth of experience as the former Dean of Science, Business, and Computer Technology. A month later, Dr. Kiana Battle, previously the Dean of Liberal Arts, embarked on her new journey as Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Executive Assistant to the President. These transitions mark a pivotal shift in leadership, highlighting the college’s commitment to evolving its strong foundation of excellence.

Dr. Ryen Nagle: Pioneering Academic Leadership

As Dr. Nagle assumes his role as VP of Academic Affairs, he brings a fresh perspective and a track record of a decade at Moraine Valley. His tenure as Dean of Science, Business, and Computer Technology was marked by effective collaboration with faculty, staff, and students, leading to program enhancements, streamlined processes, and strong internal and external partnerships. His extensive experience as a mentor and team builder positions him well to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with this new role. Dr. Nagle’s leadership style is deeply rooted in collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity.

In his response to the question, “What do you believe are the most significant challenges and opportunities facing the academic division, and how do you plan to address them?” Dr. Nagle emphasized, “The national trend, and seen here at Moraine Valley too, is a decline in the number of postsecondary students. Fortunately, Moraine Valley is trending upward in enrollment from last year, and it will be a challenge to continue that trajectory. Our best opportunities to address this challenge is to lean into what has historically been the college’s biggest strength—its support from our district communities. This Fall, over 33% of Moraine Valley’s Spring 2023 graduates from public high schools enrolled at Moraine Valley. This is an impressive rate that puts Moraine Valley above the 90th percentile nationally. We will continue to work with area high schools to be a trusted partner for their graduating students, engage with local employers to continue to develop relevant programming to meet district employment needs, and also collaborate with key transfer university partners so students know their first two years of a four-year degree will be well spent here at Moraine Valley.”

Dr. Kiana Battle:

Dr. Kiana Battle, a stalwart in higher education since 2007, renowned for her visionary leadership in the liberal arts division, assumes the role of Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Executive Assistant to the President. Her commitment to cultivating a vibrant learning environment, championing academic and social engagement, and ensuring student success takes center stage in her new position. Drawing on her extensive educational background and experience in previous news stations, she adeptly navigates the forthcoming challenges facing the institution. In response to the question about her transition to the role of VP of Institutional Advancement and Executive Assistant to the President, Dr. Battle conveyed her dedication to maintaining Moraine Valley Community College’s esteemed reputation and propelling it to even greater heights.

Read more about Dr. Battle here.

Dr. Margaret Lehner: A Legacy of Dedication

Dr. Margaret Lehner, who devoted an astounding 56 years to Moraine Valley Community College, leaves behind an indelible legacy marked by dedication, innovation, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. As Dr. Nagle and Dr. Battle embark on their new leadership roles, it’s essential to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of Dr. Lehner. Her career, which spanned various academic positions, including Dean of Liberal Arts and Vice President of Institutional Advancement & Executive Assistant to the President, exemplifies unwavering commitment.

In her response to how the campus has grown and developed over the years, Dr. Lehner reflected on her career and the growth of the college, saying, “I have seen the college landscape grow into the beautiful university-like campus we have today, and I cherish the part that I have had in that growth.”

Dr. Lehner also highlighted how her successor should ” Take the reins of very talented, creative, innovative, and successful departments. Listen and learn from them. Take the challenge of new opportunities, seize them, and build a new future, always holding at the heart of every decision the benefit to our students and to enjoy the journey that comes with the process.”

Dr. Lehner was a crucial piece of the college’s response to COVID-19 protocols and the safe return to campus for faculty, staff, and students. To learn more about the role she played, read more here.

As the college bids farewell to Dr. Lehner, students, faculty, and the entire community can anticipate the positive impact that Dr. Nagle and Dr. Battle will bring to their respective roles. This new era is defined by a steadfast commitment to provide an exceptional educational experience for students and continued success for the entire Moraine Valley community.

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