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Although marriage equality has become a beautiful reality in some places, it is still an active battle in many other parts of the world. One song has become an anthem for that fight–and has found new life in other social justice fights as well.

In 2012, a team of phenomenal songwriters addressed the topic of marriage equality in a powerful hit song. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis teamed up with newcomer Mary Lambert to write what would become an award-winning single to spread awareness and preach equality in a world that was far from equal. This song, “Same Love,” ended up becoming much more than any one of them could have imagined at the time.

Sydney Prusak

JRN 101 Student

Today, the song is more relevant than ever. Teenage activists have taken the lyrics and given them new meaning, using lines from the song to represent coming together amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

Teens took it to TikTok to show support and love for each other while promoting racial equality by pulling the lyrics, “I might not be the same, but that’s not important / No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it.”
TikTok users employ the song “Same Love” in the fight for equality.

The song originated from Mary Lambert’s story of depression and suicide attempts, and her personal experience with coming out. In a society where being gay and different is controversial and forces a consistent fight for rights, Macklemore accurately portrays the struggles the community faces every day and reminds listeners that we are all the same, regardless of who we love.

Macklemore does not hesitate to call out the problems of the world, aiming to show we are all equal and deserve the freedom to do as we please in this world, especially in terms of loving one another. This song actively works to bring support as well to those struggling today and show how intensely difficult it is to come out.

The background music in “Same Love” has a calm and consistent beat that allows its audience to focus on the words as opposed the music. This song has a comforting vibe that welcomes the idea of equality in every way, as love is the most important thing in the world. The artists manage to portray all of this in five minutes and twenty-one seconds, but the message in this song has lasted much longer than that.

This song reminds individuals that relate to these lyrics that they are never alone, and that they are not the ones meant to change — the world is. It became one of the first and most straightforward songs to advocate for same-sex couples and those in the LGBTQ+ communities. The impact of being one of the initial tracks to attack such a common issue is the reason that this song is still meaningful and effective today.