Posted on: March 18, 2022 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

By Jenna Abusalim, JRN 111 Student

Democracy is based on the idea that the majority rules. But what if it doesn’t actually work that way?

That question will be explored Tuesday from 1-2 p.m. via WebEx in the next installment of Difficult Conversations, an initiative created by political science professor Kevin Navratil and student success specialist DeWitt Scott.

This event is free and anyone is welcome to join in. 

The idea behind the Difficult Conversations program is to explore things that are hard to talk about but are vital to our future, in conversations that allow us to grow, change, and help our future. Tuesday’s event is one in a series of “conversations” that are part of Moraine Valley’s Democracy Commitment program.

Navratil and Scott have hosted multiple events on different topics that they feel need to be brought up no matter how hard they are to get through. 

This event will talk specifically about “Why doesn’t the majority always rule: How America’s political system can thwart the will of the people.” Navratil and Scott will begin the event by speaking on the topic and will allow their viewers to share their opinions or questions as well.

Navratil would like his viewers to know that “the event is designed to provide a forum for individuals to share their perspective and ask questions.”

He explains that participation will enhance the quality of the event, and he really encourages anyone who joins to add something. These events spread awareness on issues that we may not understand or know about. 

To attend the virtual event, simply click on this link.