Posted on: November 5, 2020 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

By Isacc Velasquez, Staff Writer

The strong hiss of autumn winds aggressively passed through the trees as 5K participants embraced for a refreshingly brisk morning jog on Halloween morning.

The Moraine Valley Foundation, in alliance with the Health, Fitness & Rec Center, hosted the 7th annual Halloween 5K on Saturday, Oct. 31.  Students, families and members of surrounding communities gathered to enjoy a festive run.

Jana Terborg, a coordinator of fitness and wellness for Moraine Valley, explained that because of COVID-19, the event had to cap at 200 people.

“They sold every ticket,” says Terborg.  “All proceeds will be going back into helping students get scholarships.”

Check points were set up with volunteers to direct participants down the path.  Aquafina water bottles were lined up like a platoon of soldiers–neat, single-file, and ready to serve.

Participants received a T-shirt, a beanie, and a goody bag in addition to being entered into a raffle. Sponsors, local businesses and community members donated prizes.

Fit-Rec youth staff supervised a pumpkin patch where children could engage in activities that were both physically and mentally challenging. Arts and crafts workshops included mini-pumpkins to paint. Entertaining music complemented the event along with a pumpkin ice sculpture, and even a puppy to admire.

The event cast a spooky ambiance as participants and staff members dressed as ghouls, witches and monsters. One family dressed as skeletons.

Participants set off in waves of 25.  The first wave took off at 9 a.m. and all consecutive waves left every 10 minutes.  Another dash was available for children 12 and under that began at 10:15 a.m.  Moraine also offered a virtual race option for those not ready to participate in a group race,

All participants were required to wear a face mask, and FitRec staff monitored the event to ensure social distancing and other guidelines were followed.

All proceeds from the race will go to the Moraine Valley Foundation, which provides need-based scholarships to students including FitRec employees.