Posted on: April 15, 2021 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

By Mariam Itani, News Editor

Since quarantine started, we’ve been stuck in a limbo between the before and the now–fearing the unknown and facing unprecedented times. And with COVID-19 still affecting the normality of things, uncertainty continues for the fall semester.

The college plans to offer a mix of in-person, hybrid, virtual and online courses, but things could change between now and August. At this point, all full-time faculty have been asked to teach at least one face-to-face course in the fall, with restrictions on class sizes.

Priority registration for fall classes begins today, and students hoping to have more of an on-campus experience in the fall may wish to register as soon as possible, as face-to-face options may be limited. Priority registration is for current students; open registration begins April 26.

The college administration is making changes to provide students and faculty a more convenient, yet safe, semester, but decisions will rely heavily on uncontrollable factors such as state guidelines and Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s rulings.

Students hoping to have more of an on-campus experience in the fall may wish to register as soon as possible, as face-to-face options may be limited.

“Much depends upon the progress of vaccinations and guidance from the governor. We will schedule face-to-face classes as conditions permit,” says Richard Hendricks, vice president of administrative services at Moraine. 

Pritzker’s Restore Illinois five-phase plan is currently in its fourth phase: revitalization. The phase mentions the careful release of some restrictions to allow for more schools to reopen whilst still abiding by state health guidelines.

“Additional measures can be carefully lifted allowing for schools and child care programs to reopen with social distancing policies in place,” reads the state’s coronavirus response.

To ensure a smooth transition, Moraine will be following the same guidelines that are in place this semester for hybrid courses.

“The campus is generally open to students and staff but we continue to require all who come to campus to complete the CampusClear app, and the social distancing protocols are likely to continue,” Hendricks said. 

Some students say they don’t mind abiding by the guidelines.

“Social distancing and wearing a mask don’t discourage me from coming back to campus. I’ve become used to this new ‘normal,'” says Nick Condon, a student in Moraine’s radiology program. “But it has been a little challenging learning as effectively online compared to in person.”

Tavion Morris is ready to get involved in Moraine’s student life again: “I’m excited to get back on campus,” says Morris, a student in Moraine’s nursing program. “I want to get the full experience of my program, and this is definitely a step towards that.”

Adding face-to-face classes is only one of the changes the college is hoping to make by fall.

“Moraine is still hoping to increase access to the library and cafeteria and allow for group gatherings,” Hendricks says. “We hope to see many more faces on campus in the fall as we look to end this pandemic.”