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Photo by Marcus Collins, Photo editor

Maura Vizza, Communications Specialist and Sports Information Coordinator, surveys the giant chalkboard where students record what they value each year.

By Amalia Thompson, Staff Writer

As the leaves start to fall and the pumpkin spice fills the air, we know that fall is on its way. What this means for Moraine Valley students of course, is that it’s time for the first main event of the fall semester: Fall Fest!

Fall Fest has been an annual tradition at Moraine Valley. It’s almost like an initiation ceremony to oncoming freshman, and just an overall good time that continues to thrive and breathe a breath of fresh air into the campus every year. Don’t believe me? Ask the students!

When asked about her impressions of this year’s Fall Fest, first year student Bella Dias De Sinoura expressed, “I absolutely love it; everyone’s out and the vibes are good. I’m ‘Mclovin’ it.”

Another new student, Trinity Bond, described Fall Fest in these three words: “Fun, energetic, and crazy.”

Carlos Salgado, a returning student who was attending his fourth fall fest, remarked, “The most fall thing about this would be the bags,” in reference to the fall bags Moraine gives out.

Walking onto the Gateway, the community came prepared, with various groups spanning from the school’s different institutions such as our library to the school’s social, student-run clubs and organizations, like G.A.S.P, Go Green Club, Black Student Alliance, A.S.L club, and of course The Glacier, to name a few.

Other than clubs, the social life was booming this year with a variety of inflatables with the star of the show, the bull ride. Several other fun games allowed students the chance to win prizes, and most tables had items to give away to promote their group or service.

After attending, it is easy to state that the way this community comes together is phenomenal. Hopefully, students will find a way to plug-in to clubs and organizations, or connect with the variety of student services that are available. For a full list of activities, click here to go to the Student Life page on the MVCC Portal.

With that, let the fall festivities commence!