Posted on: February 3, 2022 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

Photos by Marcus Collins

By Mariah Trujillo, News Editor, and Joey Fernandez, Sports Editor

Abrupt snowfall last week left Moraine Valley staff and students with not one but two snow days!

According to the National Weather Service, snowfall between Tuesday evening and Thursday reached as high as 11-14 inches across several southern Chicago suburbs, including into far northwest Indiana. These were the largest snowfall totals in the northern Illinois and northwest Indiana area, including the Chicago metro, since February of 2021.

Curious as to what everyone spent their two days off doing, we interviewed students to see how everyone was able to keep busy. Here’s what they said:

Joshua Fernandez, freshman business major:

“I spent most of my time with my family.” Fernandez said, “I also was able to relax and binge watch some shows.”

Tomas Banda, sophomore architecture major:

“I went sledding with a couple of friends and then went to go lift and work after.”

Ethan Juarez, sophomore and chemistry major:

“I used the snow days to catch up on some homework assignments and even finished some up early so I didn’t have to worry about it next week.”

Bryanna Olivares, sophomore and business major:

“During the snow day, I really just took advantage of the day itself to really clean up my room. With the number of art projects I do, I start cleaning and it takes me forever to finish since my room gets so cluttered. I really just cleaned and watched a couple of movies to pass the time.”