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Photo by Anais Rangel

Photo by Anais Rangel

Greetings to my fellow students.  My name is Nematallah Hasan, and I am your new Student Trustee. It is my job to represent the students of Moraine at the monthly Board of Trustees meetings. There, the trustees make decisions about the college, and I provide them with the student point of view. I am a voice that is here to benefit the Moraine community and its students.

Nematallah Hasan

Student Trustee 2022-23

With this opportunity I aim to make Moraine a better place for us all (which is quite a feat since Moraine is already amazing.) How can I achieve this goal? What are my other expectations for this coming year? I noticed many students are not aware of what our campus can offer them. Moraine is full of hidden gems, and we should make use of what we need.

My main goal is to broadcast Moraine’s lesser-known resources, so that more can benefit. Here are two I would like to highlight today: The Holiday exemption form and the Food pantry.

Holiday Exemption Form

Many students from different backgrounds have holidays that may interfere with class and obligations at school. This calendar has a list of different religious observances. If you observe one of these holidays, and would like to be excused from class/work, you must inform your professor within the first two weeks of the semester. It must be in writing, such as an email. This includes the summer semester.

Food Pantry

One of the services that Moraine is proud to provide to its students is the food pantry. There are two ways to access it. First, students can access it by going to room U208 where a Peer Educator (a student who works to better students’ well-being) will take you there. The pantry is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Second, to access it at other times, you can ask a secretary or counselor at the Counseling and Career Development Center in room U202. If you would like more information about other local food pantries, here is a list at different locations.

As our semester is coming to an end, let’s appreciate the fact we are a semester closer to our goals! Whether your graduation is this week, or you are just finishing your first year or first classes, we need to acknowledge the hard work you have put in for yourself.  Great job, and keep it up!  Work hard on your finals; it will pay off immensely.

Nematallah Hasan was elected and took office in April.  She will serve a one-year term as Student Trustee.