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Graphic by Emily Stephens

By Thalia Rivera, Features Editor

Even to average movie-goers, the Academy Awards are an exciting occasion that is not taken lightly. Laymen and experts alike watch on the most important night in the year for film to see their favorites collect their flowers. Here are our predictions on who will be bringing home the gold tonight. 

Best Picture 

The meteoric rise of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” to stardom was almost as unpredictable as the fantastical progression of the film’s plot itself. From its staggering box office revenue ($107.5 million in total) to the mountain of critical acclaim it has already amassed, it is a serious contender in the race for Best Picture. 

To give the film an extra edge in the running, it has nominations all across the Academy Awards board, including for each member of the principal cast as well as the directors. Its competitors, especially “TÁR,” “The Banshees of Inisherin” and “The Fabelmans,” simply have not gotten the same the support. 

“Everything Everywhere” is bright, imaginative, bold, and slated to become the prize pony. 

1. “Everything Everywhere All At Once

2. “The Banshees of Inisherin”

3. “TÁR”

4. “The Fabelmans”

5. “Elvis”

6. “All Quiet On The Western Front”

7. “Triangle of Sadness”

8. “Women Talking”

9. “Top Gun: Maverick”

10. “Avatar: The Way of Water”

Best Director

One of the most dubious categories in the slate, Best Director is truly anyone’s game. Most years, star-studded industry behemoths such as Steven Spielberg (“The Fabelmans”) and foreign filmmakers like Ruben Ӧstlund (“Triangle of Sadness”) are favored. 

However, the Daniels (Kwan and Scheinert for “Everything Everywhere”) are this year’s wildcard due to the favor they have incurred from critics and the industry alike for their genre-bending masterclass in cinema.

Although Kwan and Scheinert have the Director’s Guild of America prize under their belt (something that eight of the past ten Best Director winners achieved before their eventual Oscars win), the award for this category is still up for grabs. 

1. Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, “Everything Everywhere All At Once

2. Steven Spielberg, “The Fabelmans”

3. Martin McDonagh, “The Banshees of Inisherin”

4. Todd Field, “TÁR” 

5. Ruben Ӧstlund, “Triangle of Sadness”

Best Actor

This year’s nominees are a mixed bag in every sense of the word. Typically, this category is dominated by tradition, speckled with names that are now familiar on the Academy Awards ballot. 

This time around, though, every nominee is a first-timer. 

There are still notable biases that may aid certain nominees despite them being on a level playing field due to being first-timers, such as Brendan Fraser’s immense onscreen body transformation for his character in “The Whale.” 

But this doesn’t guarantee his success as he has been beaten in this category during other award ceremonies (especially in the BAFTAs by Austin Butler for “Elvis”). 

Due to this loss, it seemed more likely that Butler or Colin Farrell (who has also checked important prerequisite boxes earned for his role in “The Banshees of Inisherin”) may bring home the gold. 

However, Fraser’s SAG victory on Feb. 26 and his accompanying emotional acceptance speech may have just enough pull on voters’ heartstrings to secure the victory. 

1. Brendan Fraser, “The Whale

2. Colin Farrell, “The Banshees of Inisherin”

3. Austin Butler, “Elvis” 

4. Paul Mescal, “Aftersun”

5. Bill Nighy, “Living”

Best Actress 

Despite Cate Blanchett’s crown jewel performance in “Tár,” Michelle Yeoh’s performance in “Everything Everywhere All At Once” and the accolades her role has awarded her are nothing short of historic. 

Shockingly, Yeoh is the first Asian woman to be nominated in this category in over 85 years. Not only would her win be well-deserved based on the quality of her work, but it would open doors for her and her colleagues that have previously been closed due to the racism and prejudice that still permeates the industry. 

As unpredictable as these awards can be, it’s fair to say that Yeoh is the people’s choice for the award. Her staggering wins and unwavering support from Hollywood and fans may very well translate to favor among voters. 

1. Michelle Yeoh, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” 

2. Cate Blanchett, “Tár”

3. Michelle Williams, “The Fabelmans” 

4. Ana de Armas, “Blonde”

5. Andrea Riseborough, “To Leslie” 

Best Supporting Actor

After being forced to work behind the scenes not long after his roles in the “Goonies” and the “Indiana Jones” franchise, Ke Huy Quan has made waves with his “redebut” role in “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” 

Not only has the charismatic actor left us teary-eyed during his numerous emphatic award acceptance speeches, but he’s also demonstrated true artistry in his performance. 

Not unlike the film he starred in, he’s been unapologetic and unmistakably human as he embarks on his well-deserved and much overdue victory lap, hopefully with the Oscars coming as a grand finale. 

1. Ke Huy Quan, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” 

2. Barry Keoghan, “The Banshees of Inisherin”

3. Brendan Gleeson, “The Banshees of Inisherin” 

4. Judd Hirsch, “The Fabelmans” 

5. Brian Tyree Henry, “Causeway”

Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actress is yet another category that seems near-impossible to forecast, especially this year. 

With stellar performances coming from Angela Bassett, the first actress to be nominated for a Marvel movie, Kerry Condon, who has a recent BAFTAs win, and Jamie Lee Curtis, who won a SAG, it is a fierce fight for the crown. 

Following the trend the total awards season domination by “Everything Everywhere,” Stephanie Hsu and Jamie Lee Curtis are competing head to head. Despite my personal bias towards Hsu, Curtis’ seniority may still pull a few strings when it comes to securing the win. 

1. Jamie Lee Curtis, “Everything Everywhere All At Once

2. Kerry Condon, “The Banshees of Inisherin” 

3. Angela Bassett, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

4. Stephanie Hsu, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” 

5. Hong Chau, “The Whale”