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Graphic designed by Sarah Kauffman

Ethan Holesha

Managing Editor

Introducing the brand new sports podcast, and the first podcast featured on The Glacier’s website: “The Glacier Guys”!

With weekly episodes you can find here each Wednesday, you will be able to catch up on anything you may have missed in the recent sports world, and you’ll hear from guests who can tell us what’s going on with the Cyclones. We want to be able to not only appeal to the people who live and breathe professional sports, but also to those who want updates on Moraine athletics.

This weekly podcast is literally a dream come true for me and my cohost, Joey Fernandez. We have a great time talking sports together, and we’re excited to provide our insight on the hottest topics related to the four major sports as well as what’s happening with the sports teams here at Moraine Valley.

Here’s a little about us “Glacier Guys”:

I played volleyball in middle school and all throughout high school, as well as a few years of baseball growing up. As a sports spectator however, I’ve never taken a break.

I’ve been a die-hard Chicago sports fan for as long as I can remember. I’ve watched the Bulls, Bears, White Sox, and Blackhawks basically my whole life. I’ve always been super into analytics and statistics, so breaking down situations and talking about them on a podcast is really fun for me. 

Co-hosts Joey Fernandez and Ethan Holesha bring their sports knowledge and opinions to the table in their new podcast, “The Glacier Guys.”

My co-host Joey Fernandez grew up playing baseball all year round in his early years and continued to play throughout high school. His whole childhood basically revolved around sports, including going to White Sox, Bears, and Bulls games. Joey is also very heavily into advanced statistics, so he hopes to appeal to all you stat-heads out there.

Joey and I met a few months before freshman year at Richards High School summer football camp. We were both linebackers, and our coach paired us up as partners in most of our drills. Ever since that hot summer day, we’ve been great friends.

The two of us didn’t start bonding over sports a whole lot until our senior year of high school. We became much closer friends and even started going to White Sox games together. I’d never met somebody as interested in sports as I am until I met Joey, and that is why we knew we had to put our knowledge to good use.

In our first episode, Joey and I breakdown the shocking results of the Super Bowl, the uncertainty of the NFL offseason, and much more. We will do our best to provide information and entertainment, so stay tuned for new episodes every Wednesday right here under “Multimedia” on The Glacier website.

We hope you’ll come along with us on this brand new adventure because this is just the beginning of our journey!