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Photo by Lily Ligeska

By Lily Ligeska, Features Editor

Park & Field Après is bringing a taste of the city into the suburbs of Palos Hills.

The new restaurant at 10331 S. Roberts Road is a sister establishment to the Logan Square restaurant Park & Field, which bills itself as a “vintage sports club” and “farm to fork eatery.”

Shockingly, the big atmosphere of the city doesn’t carry over. Instead, you are greeted with a cozy, mellow vibe that’s the perfect place for diners to sit, relax and cherish memories with their families.  

Photo by Lily Ligeska
Decorative skis hang as a centerpiece in Park & Field Apres.

Après means “after,” as in “after ski,” in French, and the restaurant’s décor and style carries that theme through. With touches of flannel and wooden framing. It’s very similar to, well, a ski lodge. 

I made a reservation for my mother and me, and we were greeted by the hostess, who asked whether we’d like to sit in or out. To be asked that question in November was a bit shocking, but with a large fire centerpiece and blankets offered, sitting on the patio was not so crazy an idea after all.

Absolutely thrilled with the idea of blankets and fire, my mom and I chose outdoors. We ending up eating around 6:30 p.m.

We were then brought a pitcher of water, which is perfect for me as I usually have to ask for multiple refills. With an extensive draft beer list and wines from around the world, Park & Field Après has a choice for almost everyone.

Glancing at the menu, you’re greeted with typical starters, entrees, and sides. But what’s nice is that the restaurant offers gluten-free and vegan options as well. So, if someone in your party is worried about dietary restrictions, they will find something that works.  

With a range from wings to burgers to pasta and a variety of seasonal options, it was a difficult choice to settle on one dish. My mother and I ordered the chickpea salad, as well as the French dip sandwich, and the Heritage Pork Belly.

The French dip sandwich is a baguette with prime rib, horseradish, gruyere cheese and a broth to dip it in. Perhaps it’s the Polish in me, but I adore a good zesty horseradish. If you are a fan of dipping things, this sandwich is for you.

The chickpea salad was oddly addictive: delicate, yet palatable. It offered a hint of spice layered on a gentle flavor. Probably my favorite thing on the menu, the pork belly, was phenomenal. If you enjoy squash, some umami flavor, and pickled greens, it was very elegant. Very out-of-the-ordinary type of food, for all the adventurous foodies out there.

This restaurant deserves a 9/10 overall in my book, as it is clean, well-staffed, filled with originality, and you can tell people are happy to be employed there. The restaurant was quiet, with not many guests, which I think is a shame. It definitely deserves more business due to its kind staff and warm interior design. Support your local business and give it a try!

Food Ratings

French Dip Sandwich: 7/10

Chickpea Salad: 8/10

Heritage Pork Belly: 7.5/10