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“That’s The Spirit” is the fifth studio album by the band Bring Me The Horizon. It was released on Sept. 11, 2015.

Like many people in 2021, I am always trying to better my health in different ways—not only physically but mentally as well.

Bring Me the Horizon’s 2015 album ”That’s The Spirit” offers a unique way to develop mental health awareness that is still relevant today.

Connor Dore

JRN 101 Student

Bring Me the Horizon has been around the post punk/heavy metal scene for more than a decade and is seen as one of the most experimental heavy metal bands in the circuit.  Their album ”That’s The Spirit” was released in 2015 after the lead singer, Ollie Sykes, checked into rehab and started taking vocal lessons.

This marked a great shift in genre for the band because most of the songs on this albumhad more of a poppy sound compared to their past work, with electric guitar chords, heavy drums, and EDM sprinkled throughout the album. The real heart of this album, though, is in the lyrics, coupled with Ollie Sykes’ vocals. Songs start with him softly singing but end with him fully screaming over multiple layers of instruments.  

Take the good with the bad is a famous saying in our society. All it means is to accept your bad experiences as much as your good ones. This album’s main theme is exactly that. The lyrics from the first song off the album, “Doomed,” provide an example: “And when it rains, it f****ing pours, but I think I like it / And you know that I’m in love with the mess, I think I like it.”

The way Sykes delivers these lines is heart-wrenching. By the time he finishes singing the word “it,” he is screaming over electric guitar riffs and heavy drums that build up and explode. 

This album is not the happiest album to listen to, but each song has its own beauty. The band is trying to tell us that we’re human and there is good in all our darknesses, which is a valuable lesson to carry into 2021.