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Photos by Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift breaks records once again with her brand new album called “Midnights,” which moved a million units in just three days, the first in five years to do this. 

The album is different from her previous nine because she dives so deeply into her personal life, unlike anything before. On other albums she has made songs about her life but not to the extent that’s on this album. It is so intimate and personal, making fans just obsess over it. So much so, Rolling Stone even rated it a five star album.

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The album kicks off with “Lavender Haze,” which is very poppy and upbeat, unlike anything she’s done lately. It is a song focused on love that captures the feeling of a honeymoon-style relationship. Swift wanted to focus on the things that keep her up at night, one of them being love, which this song captures entirely. 

Up next is “Maroon,” spilling about her life with the one she loves as she sings about the freshness of a love. Some are calling it a grownup version of her song “Red.” Her view of love has matured from “burning red” to “Maroon,” all grown up and going through the ups and downs of a relationship. 

Track three, “Anti-Hero,” is where she really dives into her deep insecurities, which fans are obsessing over. Along with the song, she releases a music video that captures the true meaning of this song. She sings about feeling like an outcast, how her depression keeps getting worse, and how she believes she really is the problem. This is Swift’s most vulnerable track on the album.

Swift illustrates her deepest insecurities in the “Anti-Hero” music video.

On Oct. 24, Swift released her second music video for the album, for the song “Bejeweled.” In the video she relays her own take on the famous love story of Cinderella. The song is all about being shiny and brand-new without the one you previously loved by your side. It’s about discovering yourself again and realizing that you can shine in any room. It really is a magical, feel-good song.

Swift is known for saving her best songs for track five. On “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” she dives into being alone in this big world and into her past. She describes what it has been like for her growing up in the music industry.

On this track, she sings, “I gave my blood, sweat and tears for this.” Fans are speculating that she is describing her early years of fame where she gave it her all. Swift then sings, “I starved my body and hosted parties like I’d be saved by a perfect kiss,” which could be describing her album “1989” where she was under attack by the public and was doing everything she could to stay relevant.

The final part of this song she sings, “The jokes weren’t funny, / I took the money, / my friends from home don’t know what to say, / I looked around in a blood-soaked gown, / and I saw something they can’t take away.” The lyrics suggest her era of being consumed by her reputation is over, allowing her to rest.

Swift gives her own take on the classic Cinderella fairytale on “Bejeweled.”

One song on the album that I think relates to track five well is “Midnight Rain.” The song starts off with her voice distorted singing about her lover as sunshine and her as midnight rain. She describes being young and wanting to make a name for herself. She feels bad about breaking his heart because he was nice, but she had no choice.

A song that has taken the media by surprise was on her 3 a.m. edition, where she released seven additional songs, The song is “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.” Fans are speculating it is about John Mayer because she sings about being 19, which was the age she dated him, when he was 32.

Swift reveals a child-like pain sounding so young and innocent. This lyric alone has torn fans apart with how innocent and sad it sounds: “Give me back my girlhood, it was mine first.” John Mayer was trending on Twitter when this song was released. Swift repeating “I regret you all the time” hits him where it hurts. A true comeback from a true mastermind.

Speaking of being a mastermind, Swift wrote a song called “Mastermind.” During the song she reveals how she planned being with the one she loves because she is a mastermind and it was all her design.

I could go on and on about how Taylor Swift is amazing and truly deserves the world, but I won’t. She is a mastermind and so incredibly talented. This brand new album really shows off her clever songwriting and dedication to fans, while diving deeper into her personal life than ever before.

Intimate and heartfelt introspection never hurt so good to listen to.