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Pam Wilinski


Zorila is an indie-rock band known for their high energy performances and organic rock music. Originally from the Champaign, Illinois, area, the four band members moved up to Chicago and have been making waves in the local music scene and are bringing a fresh taste to rock music.

The band is composed of Stewart Arp (vocals, lead guitar), Henry Arp (vocals, bass), Nate Finn (guitar), and Anthony Hish (drums). The band recently signed with Electric Train Records and are excited for the experience. 

The combination of Arp and Finn’s guitar rhythms, catchy lyrics, and easy dancing beat is similar to popular bands like Young the Giant, Cage the Elephant, and Foster the People. Their debut album, “Sidney,” is full of songs (12, to be exact) that are catchy and pretty relatable. The single “Disaster” is a great example of that. The song begins with an echoey guitar riff before the beat comes in and Arp leads in with “You can say I’m a mess and I’ll attest to that.” The song is catchy all the way through.

The album leads off with “Rollercoaster,” which was a single the band released about a year ago. It has a great beat that makes it easy to “dad-at-a-barbecue dance” along to, and catchy lyrics that you’ll find yourself humming.

My favorite song (well, ONE of my favorite songs) off the album is “Another Song.” It leads in with a drumroll before the rest of the band joins in. Arp says this song is about “when you go out and have to take care of your intoxicated significant other.” Maybe it’s my favorite because I’ve had to do that before? Like most of the other songs on the album, it’s got a fun rhythm to it that makes it a bop.

The album slows down (used loosely here) with “Grapefruit” and going into “Holding On.” While the two songs are still pretty upbeat, the tone is a little more mellow. The energy picks back up a bit in “Clearwater” before slowing back down a bit in “Untitled,” – another one of my favorite songs on the album. It has a very mellow vibe that’s good for a late night or studying soundtrack.

Altogether, I think “Sidney” is a great album that deserves to be listened to. It’s been one of the few albums I’ve been listening to on repeat, and I love it even more with every stream. The band played a show last week where they performed most of the songs, and I was (shamelessly) singing every. Single. Word. I’m glad the show was on a Friday and I didn’t have anything going on the next day, because I definitely lost my voice a little. No regrets, though.

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