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Photo by Colonial Flag Foundation

By Aidan McGuire, Multimedia Editor

A beautiful display of patriotism will find its home at Moraine Valley Community College from Sept. 10-13.

The Field of Honor is a flag display event hosted by local nonprofit organizations along with the Colonial Flag Foundation to honor veterans and those currently serving in the military. The display consists of more than 220 flags, each sponsored by a family or local business to honor a specific individual. Similar displays have been done across the country; in 2021 alone, the Colonial Flag Foundation flew 58,884 flags.

“It’s good to recognize our veterans and bring our community together even more so and realize how many veterans we have in the surrounding city and our town as well,” Palos Hills Alderman and event co-chair Donna O’Connell said. “It can be a realization to see how many [veterans] we really do have and how many are out there.”

Photo by Georgetown Field Of Honor

The Field of Honor display originates in Sandy City, Utah, where Colonial Flag Foundation President Paul Swenson first created it.

Since then, Swenson has spread his mission across the country, promoting awareness of those who serve our country. Colonial Flag Foundation partners with local nonprofits to host these events in various communities.

The Palos Hills field of honor is being hosted by the Kiwanis Club, Sertoma Club, and the Lions Club.

Co-chairs O’Connell and Mike Lebarre both say this event is important to recognize those serving the United States.

“I’d like to thank our community, both our businesses and the residents for the phenomenal support,” said Lebarre.

I’d like to thank our community both our businesses and the residents for the phenomenal support.

Event co-chair Mike Lebarre

An opening ceremony will take place on Sept. 10 at 11 a.m. near the Moraine’s main entrance on 111th St. The event will include a welcome address from Palos Hills Mayor Gerald Bennett, a speech from Lt. Col. Dale Carver, along with a reading of the names of those being honored by each flag in the display. After the ceremony, people will be allowed to explore the display and take in this experience firsthand.

The event is completely free and open to the general public.