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Deana Elhit

Outside Contributor

The speech team showcased their some of their performances on Nov. 4-5. You can catch them again on Dec. 3-4 at 4:00 pm in room T-002 in the Fogelson Theater. The upcoming shows are a must watch and you won’t want to miss it! The speakers brought outstanding performances portraying important and heartfelt topics. These scripts discuss the light found in individuals in difficult situations, whether it’s about bringing joy to ill children, overcoming suicidal tendencies, or even standing up for yourself as a sexual assault victim in front of the abuser in court. The speakers have a way to touch hearts and convey the events of true reality. In fact, each performance is made up of a different set of speeches, thrilling the audience at every turn! It’s a perfect event to attend for a study break, while enjoying listening speeches by acting performers.

The speakers have quite a performance to make your hair spike up and speak on topics that relate to the real-world issues. 

Our talented speech team includes: Shelbuy Woody, Robert Murillo, Andrew Kuntz, Ash Nanoz, Vanessa Sevilla, Noor Awaidah, and Nicole Dela Rosa. All speakers are mentored by Professor Appelquist and Professor Nash. Their speeches include genres of drama, comedy, poetry and persuasion. The talent of these young performers who transform into different characters is shown through their dramatic acting, bringing their speeches to life.  When asked, Ash Nanoz stated what inspired her to incorporate her acting skills into her speech. “I love playing different characters and escaping reality.” She has been a part of theatre on and off since she was very young. Another speech member, Nicole Dela Rosa also brought an excellent performance. Her speech showed the importance of empowering yourself and standing up for the truth. Dela Rosa commented that she chose to use a speech on the importance of standing up with sexual abuse victims, she said: “Women today are speaking out, but are still getting a lot of criticism. Even if it’s years later, women shouldn’t stay silent.” Women are making sure their  voices are heardin the #Metoo movement. 

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