Posted on: February 4, 2024 Posted by: Jermaine Logan Comments: 0

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend both the men’s and women’s basketball games at Moraine Valley Community College. Despite not being able to stay for the entire duration, the experience turned out to be an eye-opener. In addition to enjoying the games, I took the initiative to conduct a survey of about 20 odd students present, revealing some intriguing insights about their engagement with the college’s events.

Surprisingly, half of the students surveyed admitted to not attending any other events hosted by the college. This raises the question of how the school can encourage greater participation in its various activities in the future when I know for a fact they have events every other week.

One noteworthy discovery was the significant presence of students attending the basketball games through the Trio program. It was revealed that Trio not only brought a group of high schoolers to witness the game but also played a pivotal role in guiding students and first-years through their college experience. This collaborative effort helps bridge the gap between education and community engagement.

Almost every student I interviewed expressed having a good time at the basketball games, with around half of them staying for both the men’s and women’s matches. This positive experience seems to have a broader impact, as each respondent enthusiastically affirmed that attending these games had enhanced their overall school experience.

Quotes from students shed light on the transformative effect of these events. One student remarked, “Education is one thing, but this brings people more together.” Another mentioned, “It really gives this place a real university feel.” These testimonials underscore the potential of sports events in fostering a sense of community and belonging here, but the basketball games were a hit. Some students expressed a desire for a broader spectrum of sports events. One respondent humorously remarked, “Basketball is cool, but I wish they had golf.” This highlights an opportunity for the college to diversify its event offerings, catering to a wider range of interests among the student body.

It was kind of weird that a significant number of students learned about the basketball games through advertisements. However, it was noted that the school may not have promoted these events as vigorously as needed. Recognizing the effectiveness of advertising, the college could explore more robust strategies to ensure students are aware of and encouraged to attend various campus activities.

Moraine Valley Community College’s basketball games (other sports to be deduced) have proven to be more than just sporting events—they catalyze community engagement and school spirit. The positive impact on student’s overall college experience is evident, emphasizing the need for the college to leverage this success to enhance participation in other campus activities. As the semesters progress, fostering a sense of community through diverse events will be crucial in creating a more connected and vibrant campus atmosphere.