Posted on: March 4, 2020 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

Ethan Smith
Sports Editor
Being a college kid can be tough. Balancing school with a job can be even harder; that’s why most students don’t work a full schedule. So that means for a lot of students going out to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day can be a strain on the wallet. 
There are some alternatives. Instead of going to the Cooper’s Hawk, Francesca’s, or Uncle Julio’s of the world, stay in, turn on some Netflix and get some delivery! 
For pasta lovers, Papa Joe’s Italian Restaurant has its own drivers that deliver and has very good pizza and pasta. Baracco’s is also great for the pasta heads. Pickup is available, or you can order through a delivery service and get it that way. 
People with a taste for Mexican food should try El-Gallo in Orland Park, or El Famous Burrito has locations all throughout the area with good food at reasonable prices. 
It might be the year  of the rat, but Chinese food is a smart choice if ordering in on Valentine’s Day. Mo’s Chinese Kitchen is a great choice, with some locations offering sushi. Hong Min is a spot just outside of the Moraine campus and it has gotten rave reviews.
You can never go wrong with a good pizza. That applies to Valentine’s Day as well. A lot of pizza places, including Papa Joe’s will make heart shaped pizza upon request. No guy or gal is going to be upset with a good pie showing up at the door. 
Not every Valentine’s Day has to end up in a suit or a dress with a waiter asking you, “Is everything tasting alright?” It might even be more fun to have a candlelit dinner in your pajamas eating with plastic forks and chopsticks as Grandpa Rick turns himself into a pickle in the background.