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Student Trustee elections are only three months away. The requirements to be a student trustee are to attend two board meetings before April and fill out the application. Only two meetings are left to attend to be eligible to run for office. The first meeting is on February 20, and the second is on March 19, so make sure you participate in the meetings if you have yet to attend them. After your application is received, a committee will interview you for eligibility; only those students who meet all eligibility requirements will continue to the election process in April. Make sure to spend a lot of time at school during the weeks of the election getting votes. Good luck to all the students running for Student Trustee. It will be an experience that you will NEVER forget.

Student Trustee 2023-24

Demetri Sianis

Student Trustee, 2023-24

Some of the things I had to do as a Student Trustee were attend all the Board meetings and present a Power Point presentation at each monthly meeting. I also participated in the Illinois Community College Student Advisory Committee meeting in July to represent Moraine Valley, which is a state meeting for all the community college student trustees. I will also be attending the Illinois Community College meeting in January. They host these meetings at different Community Colleges in Illinois. I have had office hours once a week for students so that I can voice any concerns for them. I attended the foundation meeting with Dr. Haney and some of my fellow board of trustees. I’ve enjoyed being a Student Trustee because I could help the school and do something good. It was an experience like nothing I have ever encountered. I’ve learned so much from everyone on the board of trustees, and I will never forget this remarkable experience.

The application for Student Trustee can be found here. You can view the full requirements for Student Trustee at this link.