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Dear my fellow students,

The year has passed us as quickly as it came. We are now in April. This is my last article I am writing to you as your Student Trustee.

It was last April when I made my promise to make Moraine Valley Community College a better place for its students. I wanted to see students utilizing resources and opportunities that are here for them. I noticed that because students don’t know about these resources and opportunities, they go unused. I call these unheard blessings our hidden gems. I have made it my due diligence to highlight these resources for our students.

I have done my best to uphold this promise and to represent the students of our college.

However, I will not let you go empty handed. Here are a few more hidden gems:

Nematallah Hasan

Student Trustee 2022-23

  • Our library is filled with hidden gems. Let’s start with our librarians. They can help out with school projects; just stop by and ask. Also, students can find podcast kits that they can use to create audios. You can check out textbooks, charging cables for mobile devices, USB cameras for laptops and desktops, as well as school supplies such as calculators. Our library also has a quiet study space on the first floor.
  • Another hidden gem offered by our library is The New York Times site pass, where you can access The New York Times for free.
  • Between finals and midterms, you want to make sure you are well prepared for your exams. You can utilize our Speaking and Writing Center at A258 and our Tutoring center. Our Speaking and Writing Center is open to the Moraine Valley community, including alumni!
  • The Center for Disabilities Services also has quite a few hidden gems. Students with documented disabilities can find great help here. This center helps with a lot of accommodation. For example, they offer adjustable chairs and tables, reduced distraction test sites, and extensions for deadlines and assignments, just to name a few. Other hidden gems offered is that they have a quiet testing site, which students can use as a quiet study area when it is not in use. The Center for Disability Services also loans out digital computers, recorders, ipads, and smartpens to record notes and lecture classes.
  • In order to access accommodations, students need a documented disability. If you would like to utilize this resource, you can start by scheduling an appointment with a staff member. Either call (708) 974-5711 email or stop by in room S114.
  • Also, our Job Resource Center can help you get connected with internships. Some may even be on campus, such as our IT internship!
  • We finally have a daycare center again! Students can utilize this resource in S131.

Finally, I see that the biggest and greatest hidden gem on campus is you, the students. We each come to Moraine Valley with our goals, trials, and ambitions, and together, we leave the college with our successes and triumphs. We are the future, and we should be proud of our accomplishments at Moraine Valley Community College.

Thank you for making this an amazing year and for putting your trust in me as your leader. It has been a huge honor and privilege being your Student Trustee. It has been a pleasure, and I sincerely hope you have benefited from my articles. I wish you all the best.


Your Student Trustee

Nematallah Hasan