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Not to be the bearer of bad or scary news but, the final week of the semester is the week of December 11 – 15. The best way to prepare for final exams is studying the material that you learned in the class and using time wisely to prepare for each of your classes. Depending on your teacher, you may be given a study guide to prepare you for what to review for your final. Make sure to take breaks and pace yourself. Review the day of the final. Make sure not to burn out and take care of yourself. Eat healthy. Get enough sleep. Reviewing a little each day will help move material you have learned into your long-term memory. Cramming the night before and pulling an all-nighter has proven to be ineffective. See the links below for more details on what works to prepare for the end of the semester.

There are also classes offered during winter break for four weeks starting on December 18, 2023 through January 12, 2024. That’s a good time if you are free to get a class done for your degree or certificate so then you will have one less class to take during the regular spring semester.

Student Trustee 2023-24

Demetri Sianis

Student Trustee, 2023-24

Spring Semester begins on January 16, and registration is currently open. Register early so you can be in the sections which best fit your schedule.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy holiday season. I look forward to seeing everyone next semester which will be next year!

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