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Graphic by Sarah Schudt

Spring has almost sprung, and the flowers are blooming. The same is true for you. We have spent almost a year together through academics, working hard toward our goals, and we are almost at the finish line.

 Today I will highlight resources that encourage financial wellness, educational strength, as well as one of our safe spaces on campus. Stay tuned because these hidden gems are here for you!

Nematallah Hasan

Student Trustee 2022-23

  • SCHOLARSHIPS! Although I have encouraged you to apply before, I encourage you again. This is because the best time to apply is now. Applying between February 1 to March 31 gives you the most opportunities for scholarships. The annual scholarship review period is for the following school year. Everyone is welcome, and highly encouraged, to apply. Even people with their financial aid are welcome to apply. Scholarships can go towards tuition, fees, textbooks, and school supplies. There are scholarships for returning students in specific programs, incoming students, and for those whose education has been disrupted for several years. There are full tuition scholarships for different programs such as the BNAT program. Scholarships also can be used towards non-degree programs. Finally, these scholarships only take answering a few questions, and an essay with just one application.  You will automatically be considered for any scholarship for which you meet the eligibility requirements. The essay is the most important part of the application, as it explains why the student should be selected for a scholarship, and how this scholarship will benefit them. It allows the student’s voice to really shine through. The Speaking and Writing Center can even help you complete the essay portion. Scholarship winners will know by mid-summer. However, even if you don’t apply by March 31, you can still apply throughout the year. Students have the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters to apply for that given semester. Scholarships are given from the Moraine Valley Community College Foundation, a non-profit organization that financially supports our college. They also fund the Student Emergency Assistance Fund.
  • Moraine Valley Community College Student Emergency Assistance Fund. Our college offers emergency financial assistance for its students. If a student finds themselves in a situation that negatively affects their education, they can receive up to 1000 dollars in emergency assistance per academic year. For example, students can use these funds for glasses, to fix their car, to pay rent, or other needs. Also, students can receive gift cards to buy groceries and toiletries, as well as gas cards, and bus passes. In order to utilize this resource, students need to go to the Counseling Center in room S202.
  • TRIO Student Support Services program: TRIO is a federally funded program with the main goal of helping students graduate Moraine Valley Community College, as well as transfer to a four-year institution. This program supports students that are first generation, low income, or have a disability. They provide tutoring, mentors, holistic advising, as well as helping students with community service and leadership opportunities. For example, they host workshops for their students a few times per semester and take them to leadership conferences. They also visit transfer institutions. Some transfer institutions may have a TRIO department there as well. They can help students find resources, as well as achieve academic success. This is why it is best for students to join them early. Furthermore, they can help up to 160 students. To apply, you need to submit an in person application in room S219.
  • Moraine Valley Community College Reflection Room: This is a room for students and staff of all faiths. You can come here to pray, meditate, and reflect. It is asked that students are respectful and quiet when entering and exiting this room, as well as when passing through the hallway. If you would like to utilize this resource, our Reflection room is located at U 206.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you the best with your growth during your time here at Moraine, and with your future endeavors as well!

Wishing you the best,

Your Student Trustee,

Nematallah Hasan