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My name is Stefanie DaCosta, I am a nursing student at Moraine Valley Community College, and will be finishing my first year in a few more weeks. I earned an Associate degree in liberal arts from Moraine Valley in 2019. Last year, I decided to return to Moraine to embark on a new endeavor. Prior to my decision to return to further my education, I worked as a Nutrition Technician at the University of Chicago Medicine for 10 years where I worked closely with dieticians, nurses, and residents to deliver exceptional patient care.  

I am a mother to three wonderful daughters whom I adore dearly, and they inspire me to always go an extra mile to show them it is possible to reach for the stars. 

Stefanie DaCosta, 2024-25 Student Trustee

I recently decided to apply to be a student trustee because I saw areas for improvement and wanted to help bring students’ ideas to light. In high school, I was elected as head student prefect which is much like a student trustee in the sense that I was the liaison between the student population and faculty/staff. I sat in meetings with faculty and administration, and we discussed areas within the school we felt needed improvment. I was responsible for speaking and giving the students’ perspective. 

I am thankful to have many mentors, guidance counselors, peers, and faculty who support and encourage me to venture out and explore new opportunities. 


I’d like to extend a “thank you” to the students who took time out of their busy schedules to vote for me. I was sworn into office April 16, 2024 and I am officially your student trustee. I am honored to be serving this year’s student population. I also want to thank the Board members and support personnel for their warm welcome, I look forward to working with each of you. 

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