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Photo by Marcus Collins

MV students Victoria Templin, Jayla Lamb and Stephanie Espino share laughs as they make calming jars.

By Marcus Collins, Photo Editor

Who knew stress relief could be found in a jar of glitter and confetti petals?

Students in the U building on Wednesday discovered a galaxy of relaxation in the palm of their hands as they created their own artistic calming jars as part of Taking Care of U Day, one of Moraine’s events in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Students could add their own ingredients to the jars, which are akin to stress balls, then give them a shake and watch their creations go wild. Some students said it reminded them of galaxy lights you buy for your bedroom.

Photo by Marcus Collins
Jayla Lamb and Paris Ward find stress relief together during Mental Health Awareness Week.

“I just wanted to do something fun here, and I wanted to create something of my own to be proud of,” student Paris Ward said.

Hosted by MV counselors Alex Resendez, Shanya Gray, and Dana Wail, the event allowed students to come to a safe space and truly relax.

“We just wanted to shed light on the importance of taking care of our mental health and give students the opportunity of creating a self-care kit,” Wail said. Surrounded by people who know how important mental health is, the building became filled with good vibes and a calming energy.

MV student Kandyce Swain chose to participate because she was in the mood for some excitement. “[It] seems beneficial, it’s not hurting anybody, so let’s do something fun!” Swain said.

In addition to the calming jars, students could create self-care kits to help them reflect and remind them that they matter.

Coloring sheets that said things like, “Mental Health Matters” and “I Am Enough,” were available, along with lavender incense, postcards, calendars, motivating messages, and quotes.

Gray, who headed the week’s mental health events, wanted students and faculty alike to feel welcome in participating. The goal of the event was to get people involved and participate to ensure that mental health is not something to be brushed off.

“Whether we are students or faculty, we can often feel stressed,” Gray said. “When we’re stressed or anxious, taking care of ourselves is very important. We wanted to help students start a self-care kit that they could take away and use to de-stress and practice self-care when they are most in need.”