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By JRN 111-Media Writing Students

Like many things this year, Tuesday night’s presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden could be termed “unprecedented.”

Students in JRN 111-Media Writing set out to obtain reactions from members of the Moraine community to the debate and whether it will influence how people vote.

Many people expressed disgust or disappointment with the debate itself.

“I am in agreement with Dana Bash from CNN. It was a ‘s— show,'” said Tanya Cardona, registration representative for Moraine.  “This was most definitely not a debate. It was infuriating and exhausting to watch.”

Similar thoughts occurred to Isabella Calderon, a second-year student majoring in massage therapy and psychology. “Last night’s presidential debate was a joke, and we should all be ashamed,”   she said.  “The debate did not influence who I will vote for. “

Brendan McQuinn, a sophomore English major, said he caught some of the debate while he was at work.

 “Each time I was able to stop and watch it for a few moments, I was pretty disturbed by the lack of composure and professionalism from both parties,” he said.

McQuinn says he still plans to vote: “I think everyone should [vote] given the fact that there are people in the world who would love to have the option.”

Watch the full debate here.

Several others stressed the importance of voting as well.

Reighza Lacaya, a Moraine student said, “Of course I still plan to vote. It’s so important that everyone gets out and votes.”

Science major Taryn Wesclitz echoed those ideas: “Yes, I do plan on voting because voting is very important and one vote makes a big difference.”

Student Priscilla Chavez said, “Yes, because this country is going to s— and my voice counts. The debate confirmed that both are not competent to run but we don’t have a choice.” 

Students and professors said the debate did little to illuminate the candidates’ positions on the issues.

“Honestly, the debate was a joke,” said freshman Francesca Beggs. “It did not influence me to steer one way or another. It was very hard to understand the viewpoints in each side because of the interruption. I am still undecided on who to cast my vote to.”

Wesclitz agreed: “The debate didn’t influence my decision and because the debate didn’t highlight what either of them were going to do for this country.” 

Biology professor Neil Kirkpatrick said that he definitely will be voting this year. 

“Last night’s debate was gut-wrenching and hard to watch,” Kirkpatrick said.  “I wouldn’t say it influenced me, but I guess it did reinforce my candidate choice that I have already planned on voting for.”

McQuinn said the debate didn’t influence his choice since he already knew who he was voting for, “but the current president’s inability to clearly denounce white supremacy when pressed to do so was pretty disturbing.” 

It was very hard to understand the viewpoints in each side because of the interruption. I am still undecided on who to cast my vote to.

Freshman Francesca Beggs

Other students expressed frustration with the current administration.

“Yes, I absolutely plan to vote, because I do not want another four years of this administration,” said English major Valerie Schlee. “The debate actually made me not want to vote for anyone, but I’m deeply against what’s happening with our current president and want to see some change.” 

Yunuen Perez, Moraine Valley sophomore, felt similarly: “I sadly did not watch the debate because of work, but it was all over social media and with just the amount of videos I saw about it made me glad I didn’t waste my time on it. 

“I do plan to vote and I have voted before and I hope this time my choice of president will win, but I am embarrassed that these are the kind of presidential candidates America can offer,” Perez said. “I feel like I would have done better than both parties.”

Carolina Valenzuela, an early childhood education major in her third year at Moraine Valley, said the debate influenced her: “I watched snippets of it and I do plan to vote because I don’t believe Trump should be in office for another term,” said Valenzuela, a future preschool teacher. “I clearly saw how ignorant and childish the president is at the moment.”