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Zuzanna Fudala
Features Editor
Candy is a staple for many holidays; from trick-or-treating to stocking stuffers, you can usually find candy lining the shelves of stores for all occasions. Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays when it comes to candy, right after Halloween. However, as delicious as candy is, there’s always one type that will make you “ick” with disappointment. 
Sweethearts, those heart-shaped candies with messages such as “Be Mine,” “Luv U,” and more, though adorable, are bland and chalky enough to use on a blackboard. Frankly, they’re possibly one of the worst types of candy you could give someone on Valentine’s Day. 
Sweethearts taste as if they have been hiding in a cupboard for years, well past their expiration date, yet somehow still remain edible. Their taste lasts for a mere second – a taste of disappointment if you ask me – and you’re left with a pulverized rock in your mouth that seems like it would be a better suited for a gravel substitute. 
The consistency of the candy hearts isn’t what completely irks me, but the taste. If you’re going to make candy that is nothing but powder, make it as flavorful as possible. If Pixie Sticks, and Sweet Tarts could do it, and by all means any type of MINTS, then Sweethearts should be able to as well. 
From candy corn to black licorice, there’s always one type of candy that is the overstock on any store’s shelves. Compared to Sweethearts however, I’d take candy corn or black licorice; at least they have flavor with their atrocious consistency.

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