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For a normal 43-year-old man, a possibility for a career in sports likely would have been over for more than a decade. That’s even the case with many world-class athletes.

This narrative fits most, but not all, however. Tom Brady is the exception.

Ethan Holesha

Managing Editor

Year in and year out, Brady continues to dominate. Now in his 40s, having just completed his 21st season, it would seem that Brady’s career should be coming to an end. 

But unbelievably, he just capped this season off with another Super Bowl win and even won MVP of the big game in the process.

There can no longer be a debate: Brady is by far the greatest football player of all time.

In a league full of absolute freak athletes in their mid 20s, it almost shouldn’t be possible for a 43-year-old to continue to succeed in the way that Brady has. But here we are yet again viewing Brady on top of the mountain. And he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. 

If you go back just three years, he won MVP of the league at age 40, making him the oldest MVP in the history of the NFL by three whole years. He’s doing things that literally no person has ever done before.

But what’s the secret? How does Tom Brady stay so healthy?

Brady himself says it starts with his mindset. According to Brady’s own website, he says, “Each day when I wake up, I can choose what I want my outlook to be. I realize I’m an active participant in my decision to feel as healthy as possible at all times.”

Drew Brees and Tom Brady after possible final meeting in NFC divisional round on Jan. 17, 2021 (AP Photo/Butch Dill) (Source: Butch Dill).

Staying optimistic and having a clear head makes all the difference in the world for the veteran quarterback. His outlook on life and determination for greatness both allow him to stay on track at all times.

It sounds simple, but Brady also drinks a ton of water. Staying hydrated allows him to stay energetic. He aims to drink half of his body weight in fluid ounces of water every single day. You definitely need a strong mindset to do that day in and day out; Brady’s discipline is unmatched.

He also keeps a sharp eye on what he eats, aiming for an anti-inflammatory diet. Brady does everything in his power to avoid processed foods. He also explains how getting a good night’s sleep is essential for his performance the next day. 

None of these things seem too out of the ordinary, but doing them every single day is the hard part. Consistency is the key to his success.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady celebrates on the sideline (Charlie Riedel/Associated Press).

When it comes to exercising, Brady works smarter, not harder. He pays close attention to his cognitive health and looks to improve his focus, mental agility, and pattern recognition. It’s not always about how strong you can get physically; professional football is an extremely mental game as well. Resistance band workouts allow Brady to activate and retain his fast-twitch muscle fibers. 

Most importantly, he stays loose. Since 2004, the focus of his conditioning program, his No. 1 priority, has been pliability–keeping his muscles as long, soft, and elastic as possible. Pliability allows for better performance, a much faster recovery, and the ability to more easily absorb the hard hits from the monster players on defense.

Is it an easy way of living? Absolutely not. But Brady has been gifted with a mindset that allows him to stay hungry for success. He follows a precise lifestyle that allows him to “stay young” for much longer than the average human.

If Tom Brady keeps this up, who knows how much longer he can play? Winning is never easy, but when you can keep your body in complete top shape, it always gives you a chance to outmatch the competition. 

“Each day when I wake up, I can choose what I want my outlook to be. I realize I’m an active participant in my decision to feel as healthy as possible at all times.”

Tom Brady

The former sixth-round pick in the 2000 NFL draft is a great role model for the everyday person. As someone who was not expected to have even a good career in the NFL, he persevered and defied predictions. Brady shows his fans that if you work hard enough and smart enough on a certain focus, there is no limit to what you can do.

Nobody has ever done what Brady has been able to accomplish. Determination and discipline have allowed this “unathletic” quarterback to become the NFL’s all time GOAT–proving that striving for greatness can take a person a long way.