Posted on: April 15, 2021 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

By Ryan Windle, JRN 111 Student

Never underestimate the talent that can come from Moraine Valley students.
Moraine alum Vicki Quade is a distinguished Chicago journalist, playwright, producer, and performer. Quade is best known for her interactive comedy show Late Nite Catechism, one of the longest-running shows in Chicago theater.  

Since the pandemic hit, Quade has taken on a new adventure: becoming an author. In her new book, Close Encounters of a Chicago Kind Quade writes about her personal encounters with citizens of our beloved Chicago.

In this interview, I ask Quade about her book, her time at Moraine, and how life has been for her as a performer during this pandemic. Quade’s book is available for purchase through Eckhartz Press.