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Photo by Marcus Collins, Photo Editor

By Marcus Collins, Photo Editor

Nearly a quarter of a million Americans will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in 2023. As research increases the odds of survival, nearly 17 percent of women and a quarter of the men diagnosed will not survive. Moraine’s response for the last three years has been to sponsor a fun way to raise funds that goes beyond the typical cancer walk or Relay for Life. It involves a giant pink inflatable, and team willing to kit the volleyball court to bat it across the net.

This year, seven teams participated in the annual event held on October 11 in the FitRec. The fund raising in ongoing, through t-shirt sales and donations. Proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Research Foundation, one of the leaders in breast cancer awareness and research in the country. “This year we raised around $1500 so far, says Robert Huizenga. We definitely will not stop selling shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness. Our goal was orignally $3000. And we still plan to try and beat that goal. Whatever shirts we have left over, we’ll be selling for the rest of the month.

Photos by Marcus Collins, Staff Photographer