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Graphic designed by Sarah Kauffman

We associate Valentine’s Day with romance, but love goes beyond those boundaries.

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”  Wise words written by William Shakespeare, expressed in his famous play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

There’s no better time than right now to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What was once taboo, now is celebrated. Mixed ethnicities make beautiful children, while blending in with the rest of society.  Cohort circles carry into long-term friendships. Same-sex relationships are openly uniting instead of hiding. Today, a much more relaxed atmosphere exists. Now we can step out with pride, and reveal your inner Romeo/Juliet to anyone. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only about romance and kisses. After all, love is love, and there are multiple forms of love.

Carolyn A. Thill


Somehow over the years, Valentine’s Day has been solely associated with romance.  If you have developed a crush on someone, or are lucky to be intertwined in a relationship, you look forward to this day. However, for those lonely hearts out there, you may be one of the many who feels quite cynical at Cupid’s offerings.

Let’s think back to when we were in first grade. Teachers would hold a Valentine’s party in class, while students passed out Valentine cards to everyone.  Remember those days, sitting at the kitchen table, filling out tiny cards, holding them together with a sticker, preparing to pass them to your fellow classmates?

The first grade students had the right attitude all along–giving out a little piece of their heart to everyone, no matter what color, gender, or sexual preference.  A typical first grader isn’t thinking of drawing such lines of bigotries, and we could take a lesson from that.  Love holds no boundaries.

In a time when the entire world seems to be falling to shambles with distrust, while nasty viruses continue to control our every intention, what better time to offer a token of kindness?  Kindness is a form of unadulterated love, pure as the driven snow.

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There are multiple forms of love. Love for your children, your parents, your siblings, your BFF, your neighbor, and of course, your sweetheart. With all the evil in the world, we all could use a little bit of love. Love is the most beautiful feeling anyone can experience. The moment a mother lays eyes on her newborn, she is in love. The moment a child’s first crush is reciprocated, there is love. When two friends realize they are as close as kindred spirits, there is love.  When a group of volunteers goes out to a third world country to help irrigate for clean water supply, or hops onboard mercy ships to perform medical procedures that lead to a better life, there is love. 

Love has no bounds, sees no color, and holds no prejudices.  Love lifts spirits to new horizons.  Love has the power to heal, the capacity to shed tears, the abundance to comfort, the strength to forgive, the courage to challenge, the energy to laugh, the grace to give and the passion to live.  We all could use a little extra love, romance or not….Love is love. 

We are still a long way from complete acceptance, but at least many cupids today don’t have to keep their feelings locked up in the closet.  With all the evil in the world, we all could use a little love.