Posted on: February 29, 2024 Posted by: Aimee Bustamante Comments: 0

Artist and designer, David Wischer of Wischer World, sets his new exhibit “Remember Me for 30 Days” at the Robert F. DeCaprio Art Gallery within the Performing Arts Building on the Moraine Valley Campus. After visiting Wischer’s new exhibit on campus, it was obvious to notice his range of expertise in graphic design. Particularly, his two tapestries that coincided on parallel walls, titled “Bugs”, and the other, “Rugs”. This exhibit, perfectly exuberates today’s world of mass communication through mass media.

When you first enter the exhibit, located on parallel walls hang two tapestries. One is titled Bugs and the other Rugs. The Bugs tapestry is made of colorful hues of yellows, blues, and greens. It depicts a picnic covered by numerous Nabisco products. The picnic is along a field of green grass, with two little boys playing baseball with one another. Along the background, sits a crystal blue body of water. Because of Wischer’s themes in pop culture within mass media, the Bugs tapestry conveys the literal sense of bugs’ and their decline by mass production.

Rugs, hang adjacent to the Bugs’ tapestry. Rugs is visibly different in the artist’s choice of color scheme, by showcasing its imagery with sepia toning. This art piece depicts a seemingly old magazine article that includes a small passage that briefly discusses radiotherapy treatment.

Both pieces, working analogously, convey the message of the effectiveness of advertisement in broadcasting. Wischer taps into the world of mass media, by displaying his own art pieces like billboards. He uses magazine cutouts of advertisements–– just the same as a broadcaster would. He successfully utilizes them to broadcast his themes and messages. Additionally, he not only reaches the expectations of those who are swayed through advertisements but does it in an individualistic way that leaves the observer impressed and with a desire of wanting to know more.

The exhibit opened on February 7 and closes Monday, March 4, 2024. The exhibit is free and in the Robert F. DiCaprio gallery located on the first floor of the FPAC building on the Main Campus in Palos Hills. Visitors are invited to leave a comment in the guest book.