Posted on: March 11, 2021 Posted by: Glacier Staff Comments: 0

By Jack Zampillo, Opinion Editor

With no fans in attendance, the only sounds at Wednesday night’s women’s volleyball home game were the voices of players and coaches, cheering from the bench or blending into screams of “OUT!”

Yet communication was key to the Cyclones’ 3-1 loss to Waubonsee Community College, their first conference loss of the season.

“Our energy needs to be brought up,” said sophomore outside hitter Brianna Knezz. “It was kind of quiet out there. We know we need to work on passing the balls that drop in the middle, and that starts with better communication.” 

The Cyclones huddle up before taking the court Wednesday night. (Photo by Jack Zampillo)

The Chiefs had the Cyclones’ number from the opening serve, taking the first and second games 25-15 and 25-21, maintaining a lead throughout. The Cyclones narrowly edged a tightly contested third game 27-25 before dropping the fourth set to end the night.

“We struggled to handle their outside hitter for a majority of the match,” said head coach Lauren Lorenz. “We lost some big rallies that really could have shifted the momentum.” 

Lorenz also stressed the importance of on-court communication. 

“Talking [throughout the game] has been a huge thing we’ve been focusing on during practice,” she said emphatically. “We have to make sure we’re eliminating any communication errors. Those are free points for the other team.” 

Knezz has been a catalyst for the Cyclones all season, leading the team in digs, kills, and hitting percentage. She showcased another solid performance last night, turning in a team high 27 kills and 21 digs.

Despite the lack of spectators, the game felt loose, like both teams wanted to win but were just happy to be out there. Players were smiling, laughing, talking to each other. Even when the Cyclones were losing, they seemed upbeat.

Due to COVID-19, the Cyclones have only eight games on the schedule this year. Last year they played 35.

With the shortened season, Knezz and the team understand the importance of having confidence in each other and leaving nights like these in the past. 

“We’ll forget about this game and focus on what we need to do to get better,” she stated post-game. “We need to emphasize positivity in practice so we aren’t thinking about the loss going into our next game.”

MV star player Brianna Knezz winds up for a back row attack.
(Photo by Jack Zampillo)

The Cyclones are now 1-1 in conference play, with their final two conference matchups taking place next week. The Cyclones look to defend their homecourt, hoping to obtain this year’s conference championship. On the brink of the team’s most important games, coach Lorenz has a concise message for her team: 

“Learn from tonight, build on what we did well, and fix the mistakes that cost us the match tonight.” 

The spikin’ Cyclones are slated to compete for top position in their conference, taking on Morton and McHenry County colleges on Monday, March 15, and Wednesday, March 17, at 6 p.m. No spectators will be allowed inside, but the game can be viewed live on Moraine Valley’s YouTube page.